Eco-Friendly Shutter Options

Eclipse Plantation Shutters are Eco-Friendly

GreenGuard Gold Certified

Plantation shutters are the perfect marriage of style and sustainability. Aside from being praised for their classic and elegant look, Eclipse plantation shutters are also recognized as an eco-friendly window covering. By choosing Eclipse Shutters, a homeowner will be able to look forward to a long-term decrease in energy costs. Eclipse Shutters are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, making them the clear choice for eco-conscious homeowners. This standard is designed to define low-emitting materials suitable for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time, in particular schools and healthcare facilities.

Energy Efficient Green Window Covering Options

Because shutters allow the homeowner to control sunlight and airflow, homes with plantation shutters tend to use their air conditioning and heating slightly less than homes with other window coverings. Your HVAC system will not have to work as hard during the intense heat of the summer months and in the dead of winter to keep your home comfortable. As an eco-friendly window covering option, Eclipse plantation shutters act as insulation, reflecting heat off of them during the summer and keeping heat inside during colder months. During more temperate weather in the spring and fall seasons, many homeowners might not need to use their heating/cooling units as much, as they're able to keep themselves comfortable by opening their windows and adjusting their shutters.

Plantation Shutters and Sustainability

Plantation shutters not only do a better job of insulating and beautifying your home than blinds and curtains, they will likely be the last window treatments you will ever purchase.

Curtains, draperies and blinds are prone to damage, fading, and warping. These window treatments require a significant amount of cleaning and care to stay in top condition. Once discarded, these disposable window coverings are just waste, taking up space in a landfill. Plantation shutters have a much longer lifespan so they do not contribute to household waste.

Eclipse Shutters offers an industry leading 25-year warranty, though they will last a lifetime with proper care. Since they are not fabricated with any wood products, forests are not impacted. Eclipse Shutters are eco-friendly window treatments that offer the beauty of wood without the maintenance. They will not only add value to your home, but they will also add curb appeal and a touch of class.

Give your interior décor the wow factor with Eclipse Shutters.  Find a plantation shutters dealer near you today!