5 Room Makeover Finishing Tips

Your room makeover is almost complete! You’ve worked hard to pick the right furniture, choose the best paint color, and select the best flooring. But does your room still look unfinished? Here are five decorator-approved tips for finishing off your room makeover.

  1. Think About Light
    Don’t forget your room’s light! Consider the lighting in daylight and at night…do you need more ambient lighting or could you use a few extra lamps? Having too much light in a room can be as off-putting as too little; shutters are a great choice for windows that need the flexibility of low- to high-lighting.
  2. Window Treatments
    Speaking of window treatments…do your windows look finished? Blinds are fine, but window treatments like shutters, can really make your windows pop. Their custom look paired with low maintenance care makes them a homeowner favorite. Think about the overall look you’re going for (i.e. Elegant? Classic? Traditional?) then select your window treatments from there.
  3. Anchor with Rugs
    Think you don’t need a rug? Think again! Floor rugs make great “anchors” for decorated spaces, and they have especially big impact in large spaces such as great rooms. Choose a rug that’s opposite from the look you have going with the furniture: If the furniture is bold, go with a neutral rug, and vice versa.
  4. Add a Layer
    Designers love to “layer.” Every room should have a foundation (i.e. great furniture) that it is built on top of. Throw rugs, framed art, and even well-placed mirrors can add depth to a well-designed but otherwise bland space.
  5. Accessorize
    Never underestimate the power of accessories! Every finished room needs a few accessories to look livable. Decorators recommend following the rule of “1-3-5” which means you should always group accessories in odd numbers. Books, vases, candles…anything can be an accessory if it’s beautiful!

When finishing your home makeover, don’t forget shutters! They’re elegant, they’re timeless, and they’re more affordable than you think! Take a peek at all the designs from Eclipse Shutters and find a distributor near you.