5 Ways to Dress Up a Medical Facility

There are over 1,000,000 doctors here in the United States, and tens of thousands of doctor’s offices and hospitals. Sometimes it seems like if you’ve been in one, you’ve been in them all! As doctors continue to specialize and create niche markets for their services, their offices have to keep up. How can you dress up a medical facility? Here are five suggestions for making the space something special.

  1. Start in the Waiting Room.
    The waiting room is where people spend most of their time at the doctor’s office or hospital; it should be beautiful! Invest in high-quality furnishings and flooring and be sure you choose a style that will last. How many doctor’s offices today look like they were decorated in 1991 and never touched again?
  2. Let in Light.
    Light is perhaps the most important component of ambiance. In doctor’s offices, it can be tough to strike a balance between letting in natural light and ensuring the privacy of patients. shutters for doctor’s offices are an excellent choice because they provide a high-end look, loads of privacy, and plenty of flexibility for letting in light.
  3. Keep it Clean.
    If there’s one thing a medical facility should be, it’s spotless. Patients notice all the nooks and crannies you don’t see anymore: corners, bathrooms, and even hallways can’t be forgotten! Choose finishes for your office that are easy to clean such as shutters, hardwood or tile flooring, and satin paint.
  4. Go Neutral.
    When in doubt, always choose a more neutral color palette if you’re going for a high-end look. Whites, beiges, and grays make perfect sense for a doctor’s office because they’re calming, look clean, and withstand the test of time. Take your color palette into consideration when choosing everything from window coverings to your logo!
  5. Think Comfortable, Not Sterile.
    There’s nothing less inviting than a cold, antiseptic doctor’s office. Most hospitals feel the same way. Patients already know why they’re there…make them feel as homey as possible to encourage an open relationship and a relaxed environment. Think: comfy seating, personalized décor items, and built-in cabinetry.
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