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Your Options for Decorating an Arched Window

Is there any more striking an architectural feature than an arched window? Arched windows – regular windows featuring a curved or “arched” window at the top – are a common design element in many American homes. They let in a lot of light and accent nearly any style décor, from...
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Window Treatments for Classic French Doors

French doors are a beautiful addition to any room. They’re architecturally pleasing and let in a ton of light; from a functional perspective, it doesn’t get any more useful.  But deciding on window treatments for French doors can be tricky. How can you retain some privacy without blocking all that...
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5 Ways to Dress Up a Medical Facility

There are over 1,000,000 doctors here in the United States, and tens of thousands of doctor’s offices and hospitals. Sometimes it seems like if you’ve been in one, you’ve been in them all! As doctors continue to specialize and create niche markets for their services, their offices have to keep up....
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Creating an Elegant Ambiance in Your Home

Your home is a reflection of you. If it’s not reflecting elegance and class, what is it saying about your style? There’s no reason your home can’t feel as sophisticated as the most high-end hotel or ballroom. Here are a few ways to up the elegant ambiance at home and...
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5 Room Makeover Finishing Tips

Your room makeover is almost complete! You’ve worked hard to pick the right furniture, choose the best paint color, and select the best flooring. But does your room still look unfinished ? Here are five decorator-approved tips for finishing off your room makeover. Think About Light Don’t forget your room’s light!...
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