You may have driven by a house in your neighborhood and seen an interesting window on the outside. Extending from the regular walls of the house, bay windows create a decorative exterior design. Bay windows were first introduced in stone cathedrals during the Gothic era and became popular during the Renaissance. People in Atlanta and other cities love bay windows today because they create extra space inside and provide more natural light than a regular window does.

Bay Window Types

There are several types of bay windows, based on the shape of the window. Bay windows are beautiful in every room and have the option to be more rectangular shaped or round shaped.
  • Box bay windows have angled sides that form a box shape. Sitting areas or shelves can be added to the interior.
  • Bow windows have four or more paned segments that follow a semi-circular pattern.
  • Circle Bay windows join a combination of windows together into a smooth circular shape.
Bay windows have been a staple piece of architecture for many centuries. Although they may have started out in churches, these elegant window designs are found in homes across the world. Bay windows are common in rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms, dens, living rooms, office spaces, and bedrooms in Atlanta.

Bay Window Ideas

You can do many things with the extra space a bay window provides. A small dinner table fits perfectly in a kitchen bay window area. You can also add a bench seat to your bay window to create a space to relax or read. Some people even create an enclosed storage space or bookshelves within their bay window seat. It’s uncommon to see bay windows with draperies, but this is up to the personal preference of the homeowner. While these windows can serve many purposes, primarily they are used to let more natural light in your home and make your space look larger. Adding draperies will distract this natural light from coming in. If you want to add some type of window treatment to your bay window, home designers suggest adding blinds or shutters.

Blinds or Shutters?

Having blinds for your home’s windows are very important. Not only do blinds keep people from outside looking into your home, but they allow you to adjust the level of light in the room. Traditional blinds however, do not always complement a bay window’s style. Add to the architectural interest of your bay window with shutters. Shutters are beautiful and give your home an elegant feel. These window shutters can be opened or closed uniformly through the shutter’s front or hidden tilt-bar system. shutters also come with various louver widths, which determine how open the view out your window is. If you are interested in installing a bay window or redecorating your bay window area, you should call Eclipse Shutters. Our shutters will complete your bay window’s look. We are headquartered in Atlanta, but sell our shutters across the world. Since 1992, we’ve been helping people upgrade their homes with our elegant and affordable shutters. Our shutters come in various colors, louver sizes, tilt, and frame options. We can transform your bay window area into the space you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to get started!