Your home is a reflection of you. If it’s not reflecting elegance and class, what is it saying about your style? There’s no reason your home can’t feel as sophisticated as the most high-end hotel or ballroom. Here are a few ways to up the elegant ambiance at home and create a showcase worth showing off.

Add Metal Flourishes

Metal is inherently an “elegant” medium; the trick is to use it sparsely and intentionally. Whether you select bronze, brass, or silver metal to highlight, consider all the ways you can subtly add metal décor to your home. A few easy fixes include metal hinges on window coverings, metal framing around mirrors, and metal light fixtures.

Go Timeless

Elegance shouldn’t feel ostentatious, it should feel classy. Timeless design isn’t just good for your long-term budget, it makes your home feel more elegant. How can you incorporate this design strategy into your home? By adding timeless shutters, durable flooring, and classic,  not trendy, focal points like tilework or countertops.

Classic, Not Boring

Classic design is classic for a reason! There’s a difference in boring, stuffy décor and classic touches that serve as the foundation for other, more trendy choices. Soft white shutters, for example, add an elegant touch to a family room for decades and through several design overhauls; they’re classic because they complement many styles.

Finish the Finishes

An elegant home is a finished home; it’s a space where no detail has been left untouched. Don’t forget to consider there’s more to a decorated space than pretty furniture and a knock-out paint choice. Neglecting to choose elegant window treatments, ambient lighting, and even well-placed decorative art can leave your home feeling unfished.
An elegant home doesn’t have to feel fussy! The décor you choose for your home speaks volumes about your own personal style. Does your home say what you want it to?

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