French doors date back to the 17th Century and since then, have become a popular home and office design. If you live or work in Atlanta, chances are you have seen a French door before. These beautiful doors usually come in pairs, but can also be seen as a single door as well. French doors are also referred to as French windows because although their primary purpose is to open and close like a door, French doors let light in like a window. French doors have multi-functionality combined with an elegant appearance, and that is what makes them so popular today.

Window Treatments for French Doors

Like the rest of your home’s windows, French doors need window treatments too. Because your French Door is essentially a window, it’s important to treat your French Door the same way. To withstand high traffic areas of the home where these doors tend to be, we recommend adding shutters for the following reasons:
  • Durable and virtually maintenance free: perfect for busy areas in the home
  • Stylish yet functional design
  • Energy efficient
  • UV resistant
  • Child safe design
  • Adds an elegant design element into your home or office space
In addition, when you match the window treatment on your windows to your French doors, it provides an upscale, cohesive design to the room.

Interior Shutters for French Doors

French doors can either connect and interior area to an exterior area, such as a living room or kitchen to an outside patio; or they can connect two interior areas such as a living room and office space. While the exterior French door shutters control the amount of sunlight let inside, interior French door shutters do the same but on a smaller scale. Interior French door shutters are used to make spaces feel open and welcoming. In an office space, these shutters can be closed when seeking privacy or open when wanting natural light and a welcoming environment. It’s important to consider tilt options, louver sizes, and colors when upgrading your French door shutters.

Tilt Options Shutters for French doors are available in a variety of tilt options, but the most popular is a center Tilt Bar, followed by a UltraClearview® Hidden Rear Tilt option. The Tilt Bar is located on the front center of the shutter panels, and provides a tight, uniform closure. The UltraClearview Hidden Rear Tilt option provides an unobstructed view when the shutters are opened and have a more contemporary look.

Louver Sizes Shutters for French Doors are available in 2 ½”, 3 ½”, and 4 ½” louver sizes. This is the space between each shutter blade when the shutters are open. If you would like a more open view when your shutters are opened, choose a larger louver size.

Available Colors French door shutters are available in three colors: cotton, pearl, and vanilla. Cotton, a bright white color matches all rooms. Pearl and vanilla are other popular neutral colors that match most home designs as well. Most prefer to match their trim color to their shutters.

French Door Shutters with Cutouts

If you’ve decided you want to take your French doors to the next level, visit Eclipse Shutters. For 25 years, our company has upgraded windows and doors by shipping shutters across the nation and our product is backed by a 25-year warranty. Our shutters for French Doors can come with a French Door Cutout, which allows you to open and close the entire shutter portion of your French Doors. This allows even more sunlight to enter your room if you desire and helps with cleaning. Our French Door Cutouts also have a contoured design that ensures your door handle and lock can operate freely without interference from the shutter. Our dealers and designers enjoy creating beautiful spaces with our high-quality shutters. Transform the look of our home by adding shutters to your windows and doors! Contact us for more information.