Shutters are a popular decorating choice for many homeowners because they bring a clean, stylish look to any room and can continue to look like new for decades with simple care. When and if you sell your house, they improve its appeal and resale value. Many people prefer shutters to draperies and other window treatments because they are easier to maintain, help keep the outdoor temperatures and elements from impacting your comfort, and provide an upscale look. Another advantage of faux wood shutters is that they come in neutral tones, so they go with any color decor. You can be free to repaint and redecorate every room in your house over the years without worrying about having to change your window treatments. This can also be an advantage when you place your house on the market, because prospective buyers can easily picture their furnishings fitting in with the neutral-tone shutters.

Pairing Shutters with Draperies and Valances

What about people who like the element of color and fabric that draperies bring to a room, but still want the style, flexibility and energy efficiency that interior faux shutters provide? That’s easy. You can pair draperies with your shutters. Because the shutters provide all the privacy you need when they’re closed, you can feel free to leave the draperies open or just purchase side panels. You may also choose to buy sheer draperies for a lighter look. Some people with shutters who want to add a bit of fabric to their windows choose to add a valance instead. This would likely not work if you have bi-fold shutters because it would prevent you from opening them. Sometimes people opt for shutters on the bottom portion of the window with a valance that partially covers the top portion.

Continue the Shutter Look Throughout the Room

If you’ve chosen indoor shutters for your window coverings, you may want to continue the look throughout the room by placing them on your French doors or sliding glass doors. You may also choose to use them as closet doors or as a room divider. We have a number of examples of shutter doors and room dividers in the Gallery on our website. The great thing about decorating a room that has shutters is that there is virtually no limit to what you can do. Whether it’s your child’s room, a dining room, bathroom, kitchen, or sunroom, they will blend perfectly with any colors and patterns you choose for walls, furniture, flooring and accessories. Your Eclipse Shutters dealer can also help you with decorating ideas. To get a list of Eclipse Shutters dealers near you, just complete the brief contact form on our website. We look forward to being part of your decorating choices.