French doors are a beautiful addition to any room. They’re architecturally pleasing and let in a ton of light; from a functional perspective, it doesn’t get any more useful.  But deciding on window treatments for French doors can be tricky. How can you retain some privacy without blocking all that great natural light? And if you open and close your French doors often, how can you choose a window treatment that doesn’t get in the way?

The best window treatment for French doors is shutters. Here’s why. 

shutters offer significant privacy and light control, which is important to every homeowner. They’re easy to operate and they won’t sway and bang against your doors as you open them as conventional blinds will. Remember, traditional window treatments like curtains or valances can’t be hung above French doors because they’ll make the doors difficult to open. 

Eclipse Shutters offers shutters for French doors that allows the shutter panel to open and close independently from your French door(s). This new functionality allows you to open just the panel to let more light in and makes cleaning a breeze! It is also designed to accommodate a variety of door handle and lock options.

Eclipse Shutters are extremely durable and will never need to be refinished. This is important for busy areas of the home, and doors definitely fall under that category. Our shutters come in three louver sizes and three neutral colors that enhance any design style. Our shutters for French doors are also available in all three operating systems: Traditional Tilt Bar, UltraClearview™ Hidden Rear Tilt, and the brand new UltraClose™ operating system that offers a smooth, superior closure.

Your shutters that you add to your French doors can tie in seamlessly with your existing shutters, ensuring your décor looks consistent and intentional. And because they’re affixed by hinges, they can be completely opened anytime to let in as much natural light as you want!

At Eclipse Shutters, we’re not just perfecting the art of shutters, we’re innovating it. Contact a representative in your area to schedule a consultation or talk about the specifics of your room.