Window Treatments for Businesses

Your window treatments say a lot about your business. A lack of window treatments could make your office space look unfinished. Too-heavy curtains could date your business, and cheap blinds look, well…cheap.

Shutters are the Perfect Option for Businesses

shutters are a classic for a reason. They’re durable, they’re beautiful, and they always look expensive. They add a touch of class and an air of sophistication to almost any kind of office.

Eclipse Shutters’ window treatments are easy-to-clean and care for, and they come in many colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. From French door shutters that offer both design and functionality to Bay and Bow shutters designed specifically for bay windows, there’s something for every business to choose from.

Which Kind of Businesses Choose Shutters?

All kinds! Some of the most popular businesses for shutters are service-oriented. Medical offices, assisted living facilities, even hospitals love the classic look of shutters. At Eclipse Shutters, we’re seeing an uptick in the number of hotels choosing the look of shutters.

Why Choose Eclipse Shutters?

Eclipse Shutters is setting the standard for shutters. They are the #1 selling shutter product in all of North America, manufacturing beautiful custom shutters for both commercial and residential clients alike.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Eclipse partners with a nationwide network of experienced installers and fabricators to ensure the shutters you choose for your business are perfect, every time. We offer some of the fastest delivery times in the industry and highly competitive pricing, to name just a few of our advantages.

Would you like to find out more about shutters for your business? Your local Eclipse Shutters dealer is ready to speak to you today.

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Introducing the New Hidden Gear Tilt System by Eclipse® Shutters

The team at Eclipse Shutters has quietly been working on something revolutionary. Thankfully, the wait is over.

Introducing Hidden Gear Tilt System

We’re happy to announce the release of our brand new hidden gear tilt system. This patented tilt system is designed for a streamlined look with a smooth, quiet operation.

What are some of the most impressive features of the innovative hidden gear tilt system?

  • Reduced depth requirements: This system has the same depth requirements of the front Tilt Bar System, making measuring and installation a breeze
  • Smooth, quiet operation: Hidden gears on the interior of the shutters streamline operation
  • Improved closure: The design of hidden gear system offers a totally uniform closure
  • One-touch operation: Open and close the louvers with one simple touch
  • Contemporary look: Clean lines complement both classic and modern interior décor

Along with Eclipse’s two other tilt systems, Tilt Bar and UltraClearview™ hidden rear tilt, helps reinforce Eclipse Shutters’ position as the most revolutionary name in the custom shutter industry. Our team is proud to not only offer the best shutters in the business, but also to constantly strive to improve upon the status quo.

The hidden gear tilt is available in all three louver sizes including 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5” louvers, as well as all three neutral colors (Cotton, Pearl, and Vanilla).

Eclipse Shutters: The Leader in Innovation

At Eclipse, when our customers ask for something, we listen. We’ve been developing the hidden gear system to answer some of the most common customer concerns around shutters.

shutters aren’t just a décor element, they’re an investment in your home. Offering unparalleled class and distinct design, custom shutters are the preferred choice for homeowners looking for durability while also making a statement with their windows.

Our shutters are known for affordability, incredible quality, and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Want to learn more about the brand new UltraClose hidden gear system? Reach out to an Eclipse dealer near you to learn more.

Cost Effective Home Updates that Actually Pay Off

Home upgrading can get expensive very quickly. It’s difficult to pick and choose which home updates will be worth the money in the long run. However, updating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t need to do a complete home renovation.

Here are some ways to update your home that are well worth the cost, time and effort and create a noticeable difference in your space. Some updates will even help you save money on your monthly electricity and gas bills.

Ways to Update Your Home that Are Worth the Money

1. Update your paint on various surfaces

Giving walls a fresh paint job is a great way to liven up your space. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to other surfaces too. Statement ceilings are currently trending and they can make for a beautiful eye-catching home feature.

2. Install a backsplash

Over time, backsplashes behind your kitchen sink or stove can lose their sparkle or appeal. They may even be degrading depending on the material due to water damage, excessive heat, and hot oil.

3. Change up the smaller elements in your home

Switching out your old light fixtures, doors, cabinet, drawers or door handles, is an easy and inexpensive way to renew your space. This is especially true for home elements that look outdated or worn.

 Installing new ones have never been easier. There are peek and place temporary backsplashes that go on once the old backsplash has been removed.

4. Add energy-saving window treatments like shutters

shutters can add a beautiful and elegant touch to your home. When you order from Eclipse Shutters, they’re easy to have installed and include a 25-year warranty.

Their  shutters allow you to control the lighting and privacy while giving your home a fresh new look. They even add a layer of insulation and help to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Their high-quality  shutters are extremely durable and their energy efficiency could save you money on energy bills in the long run.

 Contact Eclipse Shutters to learn more about our  shutters.

What are Divider Rails on Shutters?

Shutters are not one-size-fits-all. Beautiful, custom shutters should fit your space exactly as you want them to, both in style and function. There are dozens of ways to design a single shuttered window treatment; here’s what your friends at Eclipse Shutters want you to know about divider rails.

What is a Shutter Divider Rail?

A divider rail is essentially a fixed rail that divides the top louvers from the bottom louvers. They allow the louvered sections to be operated independently from one another. Divider rails are sometimes referred to as “mid-rails.” Divider rails are required for large shutter panels over 66” in height.

Usually attached somewhere in the middle of a strip of louvers, the divider rail’s exact location can sometimes be specified by you. It’s even possible to have more than one divider installed on a particularly long window to increase functionality. Two divider rails are required for very large shutter panels over 90” in height.

Why Would Someone Want a Divider Rail?

Most people decide to install shutters with divider rails in order to give themselves more privacy options. Similar to double-hung shutters, divided shutters can be opened at the top, for example, to let light in, while remaining closed on the bottom.

Closing the bottom set of divided shutters can also help create “wall” space in a room where window run from floor to ceiling. Some people choose to leave their bottom divided shutters closed at all times, placing furniture (like a sofa) in front of them.

Leaving the top shutters open while keeping the bottom closed when the window open is also a good way to encourage the movement of air throughout a home. Divided shutters are especially popular in areas that get extremely hot.

Eclipse Shutters makes shutters for the way you live. From frames to colors, we offer a wide array of options to ensure your shutters perfectly compliment your space.
Do you have questions about whether divider rails may be right for your windows? Reach out to your friendly Eclipse Shutters representative today.

Buying Shutters

Five Options to Consider When Buying Shutters  

You’ve made the smart decision to purchase shutters. They are both attractive and a good investment in your home. So, what do you need to know before buying shutters? Here are a few key elements to consider while making your choice.

Where Would You Like Them?

Are you looking for whole home installation or just a few rooms? Will they be affixed to standard windows or are your windows custom sizes? Custom sizes are not a problem, nor are shutters for bay or bow windows. Planation shutters can also frame high arched windows, as well as French doors. Your shutter professional will work with you to get the coverage you desire.


Louver Sizes

Shutters are available with 2 ½ inch, 3 ½ inch and 4 ½ inch louvers. The larger the louver size, the greater the view of the outside world. If you have a stunning vista out of your window, you may want to go with 4 ½ inch shutters. 3 ½ inch shutters are the most popular size.


Tilt Options: Traditional Tilt Bar, Hidden Rear Tilt or Gear

Traditional tilt bar shutters are the most common style. The louvers are opened or closed using a center tilt bar on the front of the shutters. Hidden rear tilt shutters provide a contemporary design style as the tilt bar is affixed to the rear of the system and hidden from view whether the shutters are open or closed.  An optional upgrade is the new hidden gear system that offers the same modern look as hidden tilt shutters, but provides superior closure and one touch control of the louvers.


Mounting and Frame Options

Shutters can be mounted on the inside or outside the trim on your windows. Frame options can range from simple to decorative, and can accentuate or cover up existing trim.



ultrasatin finish tab advantages

Last but definitely not least, is the option of color.  shutters are a decorative and functional purchase for the home, so you don't want them to be a flashy color that is distracting when you look outside. Choose from neutral tones such as cotton or pearl, and vanilla if you seek a warmer texture.

Consumers should aim to match the trim on their windows. If you have dark trim, neutral colors will offer a distinct contrast that brings visual interest to your windows and interior décor. Cotton is the most popular color and blends perfectly with white trim. 

Your Options for Decorating an Arched Window

Is there any more striking an architectural feature than an arched window? Arched windows – regular windows featuring a curved or “arched” window at the top – are a common design element in many American homes. They let in a lot of light and accent nearly any style décor, from traditional to contemporary.

But what kind of window treatments make sense for an arched window? If you need more privacy or simply want to block out more light from your arched window, consider these options.


Yes, you can put shutters on an arched window! In fact, Eclipse Shutters offers nearly a dozen shapes and styles to choose from so any arch, from a quarter-circle to tunnel shape, can be covered exactly how you like it. shutters for arched windows make perfect sense because they can be opened to allow in additional light or closed for less light and extra privacy. -traditionally shaped windows are no longer an impediment to beautiful custom shutters.


Curtains are often what people choose to use on arched windows, but they don’t come without drawbacks. By hanging a curtain rod above an arched window, you’re inevitably minimizing some of the detail that makes that window so special. And arched windows tend to be very tall, so it can be tough to find aesthetically-pleasing curtains to suit such a space. Curtains also must be opened or closed; you can’t let in just a little light from arched windows when you cover them with curtains.

“Fan” Blinds

It’s possible to have a blinds manufacturer create a set of “fan blinds” to fit an oddly-sized window. Most of these blinds are custom orders, so they can become expensive quickly. They also won’t function like regular blinds and are usually affixed to the window without the ability to open.

Have you been considering shutters but are concerned about your arched window? Don’t be! Eclipse Shutters has a solution that fits your space and your budget.

Reach out to your local Eclipse Shutters dealer today to find out more.