Window Treatments for Classic French Doors

French doors are a beautiful addition to any room. They’re architecturally pleasing and let in a ton of light; from a functional perspective, it doesn’t get any more useful.  But deciding on window treatments for French doors can be tricky. How can you retain some privacy without blocking all that great natural light? And if you open and close your French doors often, how can you choose a window treatment that doesn’t get in the way?

The best window treatment for French doors is shutters. Here’s why. 

shutters offer significant privacy and light control, which is important to every homeowner. They’re easy to operate and they won’t sway and bang against your doors as you open them as conventional blinds will. Remember, traditional window treatments like curtains or valances can’t be hung above French doors because they’ll make the doors difficult to open. 

Eclipse Shutters offers shutters for French doors that allows the shutter panel to open and close independently from your French door(s). This new functionality allows you to open just the panel to let more light in and makes cleaning a breeze! It is also designed to accommodate a variety of door handle and lock options.

Eclipse Shutters are extremely durable and will never need to be refinished. This is important for busy areas of the home, and doors definitely fall under that category. Our shutters come in three louver sizes and three neutral colors that enhance any design style. Our shutters for French doors are also available in all three operating systems: Traditional Tilt Bar, UltraClearview™ Hidden Rear Tilt, and the brand new UltraClose™ operating system that offers a smooth, superior closure.

Your shutters that you add to your French doors can tie in seamlessly with your existing shutters, ensuring your décor looks consistent and intentional. And because they’re affixed by hinges, they can be completely opened anytime to let in as much natural light as you want!

At Eclipse Shutters, we’re not just perfecting the art of shutters, we’re innovating it. Contact a representative in your area to schedule a consultation or talk about the specifics of your room.

5 Room Makeover Finishing Tips

Your room makeover is almost complete! You’ve worked hard to pick the right furniture, choose the best paint color, and select the best flooring. But does your room still look unfinished? Here are five decorator-approved tips for finishing off your room makeover.
  1. Think About Light
    Don’t forget your room’s light! Consider the lighting in daylight and at night…do you need more ambient lighting or could you use a few extra lamps? Having too much light in a room can be as off-putting as too little; shutters are a great choice for windows that need the flexibility of low- to high-lighting.
  2. Window Treatments
    Speaking of window treatments…do your windows look finished? Blinds are fine, but window treatments like shutters, can really make your windows pop. Their custom look paired with low maintenance care makes them a homeowner favorite. Think about the overall look you’re going for (i.e. Elegant? Classic? Traditional?) then select your window treatments from there.
  3. Anchor with Rugs
    Think you don’t need a rug? Think again! Floor rugs make great “anchors” for decorated spaces, and they have especially big impact in large spaces such as great rooms. Choose a rug that’s opposite from the look you have going with the furniture: If the furniture is bold, go with a neutral rug, and vice versa.
  4. Add a Layer
    Designers love to “layer.” Every room should have a foundation (i.e. great furniture) that it is built on top of. Throw rugs, framed art, and even well-placed mirrors can add depth to a well-designed but otherwise bland space.
  5. Accessorize
    Never underestimate the power of accessories! Every finished room needs a few accessories to look livable. Decorators recommend following the rule of “1-3-5” which means you should always group accessories in odd numbers. Books, vases, candles…anything can be an accessory if it’s beautiful!
When finishing your home makeover, don’t forget shutters! They’re elegant, they’re timeless, and they’re more affordable than you think! Take a peek at all the designs from Eclipse Shutters and find a distributor near you.

5 Ways to Dress Up a Medical Facility

There are over 1,000,000 doctors here in the United States, and tens of thousands of doctor’s offices and hospitals. Sometimes it seems like if you’ve been in one, you’ve been in them all! As doctors continue to specialize and create niche markets for their services, their offices have to keep up. How can you dress up a medical facility? Here are five suggestions for making the space something special.
  1. Start in the Waiting Room.
    The waiting room is where people spend most of their time at the doctor’s office or hospital; it should be beautiful! Invest in high-quality furnishings and flooring and be sure you choose a style that will last. How many doctor’s offices today look like they were decorated in 1991 and never touched again?
  2. Let in Light.
    Light is perhaps the most important component of ambiance. In doctor’s offices, it can be tough to strike a balance between letting in natural light and ensuring the privacy of patients. shutters for doctor’s offices are an excellent choice because they provide a high-end look, loads of privacy, and plenty of flexibility for letting in light.
  3. Keep it Clean.
    If there’s one thing a medical facility should be, it’s spotless. Patients notice all the nooks and crannies you don’t see anymore: corners, bathrooms, and even hallways can’t be forgotten! Choose finishes for your office that are easy to clean such as shutters, hardwood or tile flooring, and satin paint.
  4. Go Neutral.
    When in doubt, always choose a more neutral color palette if you’re going for a high-end look. Whites, beiges, and grays make perfect sense for a doctor’s office because they’re calming, look clean, and withstand the test of time. Take your color palette into consideration when choosing everything from window coverings to your logo!
  5. Think Comfortable, Not Sterile.
    There’s nothing less inviting than a cold, antiseptic doctor’s office. Most hospitals feel the same way. Patients already know why they’re there…make them feel as homey as possible to encourage an open relationship and a relaxed environment. Think: comfy seating, personalized décor items, and built-in cabinetry.
Does your medical facility need shutters?
Eclipse Shutters today for shutters in Atlanta and beyond!

What to Consider for Playroom Safety

Once you have kids, your home’s composition must change. In addition to adding a nursery, you may want to also consider adding a playroom. This space will give your kids a specific area to place their toys and keep your living room clean. There are many factors to consider when creating the playroom. You want to make sure you can leave your kids alone while you are completing chores or need to take a phone call. Learn how you can make your kid’s space enjoyable while also practicing playroom safety. Playroom Ideas

  • Coloring Station complete with a small table and chairs that can also be used for board games, tea parties and more.
  • Storage Spaces that use colored baskets to match the room’s color, aid in organization, and hold loose toys or other items.
  • Office Station perfect for making your little ones feel like an adult. Add a desk, pens, play phone, file cabinet, and more.
  • Dress Up Area complete for your super heroes or princesses. You can either place the costumes on hooks or store in a container.
  • Bookshelf to hold books and store other items. Bookshelves are perfect to brighten up any space by adding color to a room.
  • Kitchen Playroom to give your kids a place to play close by when you are preparing and cooking meals. You can create a space off the edge of your kitchen that is kid friendly, yet still sophisticated by using items like hardwood floors and shutters.
  • Large Window with child-safe window treatments to control the amount of light inside. You can open the window treatments to create more natural light, perfect for putting together puzzles or coloring.

Playroom Safety A playroom should be safe. Although you want your kids to have a space they can have fun, you do not want them getting hurt. This may mean placing your kid’s playroom close to your kitchen so you can keep an eye on your kids. You can also make the playroom a space you, as an adult will enjoy. Adding a couch, day bed, television, or desk space with modern lighting and other furnishings will make it easier for you to watch your kids when they are playing. Your kid’s playroom safety should be a top priority and sometimes that means making it a space you will like as well.

For your kids, you should make sure your furniture does not have any hard corners or edges. In addition, if you use hardwood or tile floors, you may want to invest in a rug, as smooth surfaces make it easier for kids to slip and fall.

For your best interests, you will want to use furnishings that are comfortable, modern, and easy to clean. A popular trend in kid’s playrooms and other home spaces are shutters. These classic window treatments are durable, safe, and elegant, yet also very easy to clean. Available in various color choices and sizes, shutters can match any room’s style.

If you would like to purchase shutters for your kid’s playroom, visit Eclipse Shutters. Eclipse Shutters are Best for Kids™ Certified, making them the perfect choice for homes with children. Based in Atlanta, our company has been shipping window shutters across the nation since 1992. We are proud to offer affordable elegance to our consumers, and look forward to serving you. Contact us today for more information.

Creating an Elegant Ambiance in Your Home

Your home is a reflection of you. If it’s not reflecting elegance and class, what is it saying about your style? There’s no reason your home can’t feel as sophisticated as the most high-end hotel or ballroom. Here are a few ways to up the elegant ambiance at home and create a showcase worth showing off.

Add Metal Flourishes

Metal is inherently an “elegant” medium; the trick is to use it sparsely and intentionally. Whether you select bronze, brass, or silver metal to highlight, consider all the ways you can subtly add metal décor to your home. A few easy fixes include metal hinges on window coverings, metal framing around mirrors, and metal light fixtures.

Go Timeless

Elegance shouldn’t feel ostentatious, it should feel classy. Timeless design isn’t just good for your long-term budget, it makes your home feel more elegant. How can you incorporate this design strategy into your home? By adding timeless shutters, durable flooring, and classic,  not trendy, focal points like tilework or countertops.

Classic, Not Boring

Classic design is classic for a reason! There’s a difference in boring, stuffy décor and classic touches that serve as the foundation for other, more trendy choices. Soft white shutters, for example, add an elegant touch to a family room for decades and through several design overhauls; they’re classic because they complement many styles.

Finish the Finishes

An elegant home is a finished home; it’s a space where no detail has been left untouched. Don’t forget to consider there’s more to a decorated space than pretty furniture and a knock-out paint choice. Neglecting to choose elegant window treatments, ambient lighting, and even well-placed decorative art can leave your home feeling unfished.
An elegant home doesn’t have to feel fussy! The décor you choose for your home speaks volumes about your own personal style. Does your home say what you want it to?

shutters from Eclipse Shutters are elegant, timeless, and beautiful.
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Enhance your French Doors with Shutters

French doors date back to the 17th Century and since then, have become a popular home and office design. If you live or work in Atlanta, chances are you have seen a French door before. These beautiful doors usually come in pairs, but can also be seen as a single door as well. French doors are also referred to as French windows because although their primary purpose is to open and close like a door, French doors let light in like a window. French doors have multi-functionality combined with an elegant appearance, and that is what makes them so popular today.

Window Treatments for French Doors

Like the rest of your home’s windows, French doors need window treatments too. Because your French Door is essentially a window, it’s important to treat your French Door the same way. To withstand high traffic areas of the home where these doors tend to be, we recommend adding shutters for the following reasons:
  • Durable and virtually maintenance free: perfect for busy areas in the home
  • Stylish yet functional design
  • Energy efficient
  • UV resistant
  • Child safe design
  • Adds an elegant design element into your home or office space
In addition, when you match the window treatment on your windows to your French doors, it provides an upscale, cohesive design to the room.

Interior Shutters for French Doors

French doors can either connect and interior area to an exterior area, such as a living room or kitchen to an outside patio; or they can connect two interior areas such as a living room and office space. While the exterior French door shutters control the amount of sunlight let inside, interior French door shutters do the same but on a smaller scale. Interior French door shutters are used to make spaces feel open and welcoming. In an office space, these shutters can be closed when seeking privacy or open when wanting natural light and a welcoming environment. It’s important to consider tilt options, louver sizes, and colors when upgrading your French door shutters.

Tilt Options Shutters for French doors are available in a variety of tilt options, but the most popular is a center Tilt Bar, followed by a UltraClearview® Hidden Rear Tilt option. The Tilt Bar is located on the front center of the shutter panels, and provides a tight, uniform closure. The UltraClearview Hidden Rear Tilt option provides an unobstructed view when the shutters are opened and have a more contemporary look.

Louver Sizes Shutters for French Doors are available in 2 ½”, 3 ½”, and 4 ½” louver sizes. This is the space between each shutter blade when the shutters are open. If you would like a more open view when your shutters are opened, choose a larger louver size.

Available Colors French door shutters are available in three colors: cotton, pearl, and vanilla. Cotton, a bright white color matches all rooms. Pearl and vanilla are other popular neutral colors that match most home designs as well. Most prefer to match their trim color to their shutters.

French Door Shutters with Cutouts

If you’ve decided you want to take your French doors to the next level, visit Eclipse Shutters. For 25 years, our company has upgraded windows and doors by shipping shutters across the nation and our product is backed by a 25-year warranty. Our shutters for French Doors can come with a French Door Cutout, which allows you to open and close the entire shutter portion of your French Doors. This allows even more sunlight to enter your room if you desire and helps with cleaning. Our French Door Cutouts also have a contoured design that ensures your door handle and lock can operate freely without interference from the shutter. Our dealers and designers enjoy creating beautiful spaces with our high-quality shutters. Transform the look of our home by adding shutters to your windows and doors! Contact us for more information.