Infographic: Wood vs. Polyresin

When choosing shutters for your home, there are a lot of decisions to make. You have to choose the color, size, style and material of your new shutters. Allow Eclipse Shutters to make one decision easy for you. Refer to the graphic to learn about wood shutters vs. polyresin shutters. 

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3 Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

The personal and market value of your home is closely tied to aesthetics. If you want to spruce up your home and add value to it, there are simple upgrades you can do. If you want to maintain a budget while performing upgrades, you are in luck. The best value boosters are often the least expensive.

3 Easy Home Improvements That Won't Break the Bank

New Paint

A new coat of paint instantly transforms a room into an inviting space. By carefully selecting your color palette, you can alter the atmosphere in each room of your home. For example, using a mix of blue and 
green tones in your bedroom promotes relaxation and tranquility, even after a hectic day. Warmer colors work well in the kitchen and dining room areas. If you do not want to paint an entire room, you could paint a single accent wall to achieve a similar effect. If you are looking to sell your home soon, stick with bright, neutral tones.

Fresh Fixtures

Your home might be filled with tired, old fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Look around at the drawer handles, cabinet knobs and latches to find a few to update with a modern touch. You can also replace the faucets and shower heads with units that not only look modern, but also have all of the best features available today. You will definitely see and feel a difference in your home after making this upgrade.

Iconic Shutters

The window treatments you select for your home bring the entire design together. shutters have a classic look that acts as a grounding force for your home décor. You can opt for shutters in many different styles and finishes that perfectly accent your design style. You may want to pair the shutters with soft, flowing curtains or leave them bare. The shutters not only improve the way your home looks, but also keep your rooms comfortable year around. shutters are the only window coverings that add permanent value to the home!
Eclipse Shutters is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, but has a nationwide network of dealers and fabricators dedicated to providing customers quality, custom shutters. Get in touch with us or find a dealer near you for more information.

5 Benefits of Eclipse Shutters

Still on the fence about purchasing shutters for your home? Check out this interactive image to learn five, surprising benefits of shutters from Eclipse.

Why Shutters are Great for Bathrooms

Many homeowners ponder over the available window coverings for their bathrooms. If they opt for regular vinyl blinds to promote privacy, they're opting for a less design-friendly choice. Curtains are often considered, but the aspect of mold and mildew makes them an unfavorable choice. At the end of the day, if you want window coverings that are mildew resistant, promote privacy and look great, consider opting for shutters in the bathroom. 

Check out this infographic for more reasons why shutters make great additions to any bathroom: 

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Eclipse Shutters is now Best for Kids Certified!

Eclipse® Shutters is proud to announce their Best for Kids™ certification!

Child safety is important not only to Eclipse Shutters, but to the entire window covering industry.

The Best for Kids certification is a brand new safety program put forth by the WCMA (Window Covering Manufacturers Association). This is the industry’s first third party certification program designed to help consumers and retailers easily identify products that are safe to use in homes with young children.

The Best for Kids program requires manufacturers who want to be a part of the program to meet stringent criteria, and to submit those appropriate products to a third party testing facility laboratory recognized by the WCMA. The products go through multiple lab tests to guarantee they are not dangerous for children. Products certified under this program will be eligible to be listed and labeled, on packaging and merchandising materials, as “certified.” These products are easily identifiable for purchase by consumers, designers, landlords and child care facilities. This program will also allow retailers to easily promote these certified products.

The products that qualify either have no operating cords or have cords that are not accessible, as defined in Appendix C of ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012.

In addition to being Best for Kids certified, Eclipse Shutters' products are energy-efficient, GREENGUARD Gold certified and come with an industry leading 25-year warranty. For more information about this certification, please visit the WCMA website. Interested in purchasing Eclipse Shutters? Contact us today!

Tips for Selecting the Right Frame for Your Shutters

Shutters can add function and style to a house, and they're easy enough to install on your own with some preparation. The tricky part is deciding on the right mounting frame and style that you would like. Read on to learn more about choosing the right frame for your shutters.

Selecting Inside or Outside Mount

Shutters can be mounted two different ways, either inside the window frame or outside the window frame.

Inside Mount

Inside mount frames attach directly to the inside of the window opening. If you’d prefer your shutters to be mounted inside the window frame, you’ll need to check that the windows are square and that there will be sufficient clearance space between the window hardware and the shutters. Without enough clearance space, the shutters might not open and shut properly. Take a minute to carefully inspect all around your windows. Do you see an alarm system, cranks for tilt-in windows, handles, or latches? If so, this style isn't right for you and you'll need to choose an outside mount frame.

Outside Mount

Outside mount frames are mounted outside the window frame and are attached directly to the wall. Outside mount frames completely cover the window and frame.

Choosing the Right Frame


Once you’ve decided whether your new shutters will be mounted inside or outside of the window frame, it’s time to decide which frame would look best. Eclipse shutters are offered in 6 styles: Z Frame (inside mount): Decorative frame that blends well with all types of trim. Excellent for slightly out of square windows because the extended flange covers any imperfections. Deluxe Trim Frame (inside mount): The largest, most decorative frame that is used for inside mounts in openings with drywall returns and without trim. May be ordered with Sill Frame at bottom for openings with window sill. Trim Frame (inside mount): Decorative frame that is used for inside mounts in openings with drywall returns and without trim. May be ordered with Sill Frame at bottom for openings with a window sill.
L Frame (inside or outside mount): A functional frame that may be used for inside mounts if window openings are square, or outside mounts directly on top of trim or beside trim. The L frame can be used on an inside mount if you already have decorative trim that you do not wish to cover up. Casing Sill/Decorative L Frame (inside or outside mount): A smaller decorative frame that may also be used as a stand alone frame. Use the casing sill as an alternative to the L Frame in both inside and outside mount applications. Casing Frame (outside mount): A decorative frame that is used to cover existing trim. It is installed directly into the wall and is outside mount only.
shutters may lie very close to the window or extend further away. The clearance between window and shutter is important; too narrow and the shutters can't rotate fully open. You can check this with a shutter sample kit, which includes inside and outside mount frames and a sample panel with tilt bar. If the sample panel you set up meets resistance when opening, you'll need an outside mount frame or deeper projection.

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