Five Window Treatment Options for Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to finding the appropriate window treatment for your sliding glass door, you need to choose one that will not obstruct your opening or closing of the door and will still look sleek and stylish.

5 Window Treatment Options for Your Sliding Glass Door

1. Drapery Panels

Drapery can be a stylish option as a sliding glass door window treatment. Although they are limited in the amount of light control and can be a hassle to clean, these are one of the easiest window treatments to install and can be updated easily and cheaply. If you purchase a thermal insulated curtain, you will also improve the energy efficiency of your home when the drapery is closed.

2. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are another affordable and popular option for a sliding glass door treatment. They’re easy to clean and they give you control over the amount of sunlight a room receives. Depending on the quality, vertical blinds can be prone to cracking. If fans are on near these types of blinds, they can also be noise as well.

3. Sliding Panel Systems

A sliding panel system is a more modern-looking take on vertical blinds. The panels in this system are wider and operate via a sliding track. There is a range of fabrics, materials, and styles which offer a range of light control, insulation, and privacy. When these panels are open, the panels stacked together will be larger than that of vertical blinds.

4. Vertical Cellular Shades

Vertical shades are another option for a sliding glass door window treatment, and they can provide great insulation because they cover the entire frame of the door. Most of these shades still allow light to come through but tend to be very cumbersome to clean. Stained shades will have to be replaced.

5. Shutters

Shutters are a timeless option to decorate your sliding glass doors. They are one of the most versatile window treatments and are well worth the investment. Eclipse Shutters Bi-Fold Track System allows shutters to slide and fold when opened. Eclipse shutters are fully customizable, extremely durable, and are also easy to clean. They offer full covering for sliding glass doors, making them a great option for when you need to adjust for privacy, insulation or lighting. Additionally, Eclipse Shutters offers a 25-year warranty, to ensure you are happy with the quality of the shutters you’ve purchased. Find out how to order Eclipse Shutters today!

Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Windows & Window Treatments

Spring is here! This means it’s time for Spring cleaning. As you are all aware, the beginning of spring this year means you are also going to be at home a lot more than usual. In the midst of Covid-19, we should all take advantage of this time at home and get a jump start on spring cleaning. A good idea is to start with your windows and window treatments. 

Dust Your Windows

The first step is to dust all of the windows in your house. Dust accumulates rapidly on the window sills, trim, and window treatments. The best tool for this is a microfiber duster. If you have a two story family room, a duster with an adjustable head and telescoping pole attachment is your best option. 

Clean Your Windows

Once you have dusted, it’s time to clean them. You don’t need harsh chemicals or expensive premade sprays. Just mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 quart of water to create a cleaning solution. Add this to an atomizer and spray a small amount on each window pane. Use a lint-free cloth or a microfiber fabric to scrub each pane. Follow this up with a dry cloth to avoid streaks.  

Clean Your Window Treatments

For soft window treatments, consider removing and having them dry cleaned. If you are unsure of how to care for the fabric, it's better to be safe than sorry. Some treatments that can't be removed can be vacuumed to remove the dust. For blinds or shades, you can dust them with a soft rag and if needed, vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Shutters are one of the easiest window treatments to clean. Wood shutters can take a bit more time than faux wood shutters to clean as they are porous and require more maintenance. Eclipse Shutters are non-porous and can be wiped down with a soft cloth, and since they will not warp you can use water to clean them. 

Enjoy Your View

After you've taken the time to clean your windows and window treatments, you will enjoy looking through your windows at the beautiful springtime colors even more! A sense of accomplishment is always a great feeling.

Customer Appreciation and Veteran Fundraiser Event Postponed

Eclipse Shutters partners and friends, we are postponing our Customer Appreciation and Veteran Fundraiser ceremony that was scheduled this past week to a later date! This was to coincide with the IWCE Show which has also been postponed. You may still donate to this worthy cause here!

In the very near future, we will announce our fundraiser results that benefits the Independence Fund and how we plan on moving forward to ensure our Veterans can receive and benefit from your incredible support! Thank you for your understanding and partnership as we all work through these challenging times.

Eclipse Shutters Fundraiser and Night at Nascar Hall of Fame Event

We are excited to announce our 2020 fundraising campaign and Night at Nascar Hall of Fame event that coincides with the IWCE Show in March. We’ve partnered with Turnils, Mermet USA, and Kirsch in a fundraising campaign for The Independence Fund’s Mobility Program. The Independence Fund strives to bridge the gap of unmet needs for Veterans and their caregivers. Their Mobility Program provides catastrophically wounded Veterans the chance to receive an all-terrain wheelchair free of charge. With the proceeds from this fundraiser, we will present a wheelchair to a Veteran at our Night at Nascar event! This event will take place on March 26th, 2020 at the Nascar Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC. We will send out an invitation with online RSVP to the event in February. 

Please see the link below for more information and a direct link for donations to this worthy cause!

Elevate Curb Appeal With Window Treatments

Curb Appeal Tips - Window Treatments Matter

When realtors talk about “curb appeal” they are gauging the allure of a house from the outside. A home that has great curb appeal always makes a great first impression, whether or not it is for sale. While there are many ways to improve a home’s curb appeal, such as a fresh coat of paint or updated landscaping, window coverings are often overlooked. This is a mistake you should not repeat as impressive window treatments add greatly to your homes visual appeal and economic value.

Go for a Uniform Look

Your home should present a strong and cohesive appearance. You want viewers to yearn for the home, and not get caught off guard by an element that negatively draws attention. Window treatments are no different. They must be uniform and coordinated across all windows, otherwise it will look like a mismatched display. This is not to say that you should attempt to camouflage picture windows or accent windows. You just want to make sure that their treatments are similar. 

Shutters Provide Elegance and Cohesiveness

Shutters give your home an elegant presentation and a lot of curb appeal as they are easy to see from the street. They give your home an upscale appearance and a stronger visual punch than most other window coverings. Shutters will also add to the resale value of your home, which is a nice added bonus. Since shutters can be fitted to almost any type of window, they always present that uniform appearance that is so critical. Light colored shutters contrast nicely with both bold hues and neutral tones. They also help to smooth out color variations from rooms inside the home that could otherwise be jarring. Shutters are also a great way to add privacy to interior rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. 

When it comes to elevating your curb appeal with window treatments, shutters are the perfect solution because of their upscale, cohesive look. Contact Eclipse Shutters today to take your curb appeal to the next level!

Four Ways To Decorate With High Ceilings

Most people love a room with a high ceiling. The dramatic feel, the brightness and the grand feeling of openness. But without the right interior design, these rooms can seem more like caverns than living spaces. Follow these four tips for decorating with high ceilings to create visual interest and focal points to break up the large wall space.

Statement Artwork

Hang pieces of art or decorative accent pieces along the height of the wall. You have choices here. You can build collections of similar small pieces to create a feature wall or use a few very large pieces, since you have the space. Either way, your artistic choices will help to break up the big blank walls and create interesting focus.

Lighting Installations

Install large, prominent lighting fixtures to draw attention. If you have a single central light, a massive, striking chandelier is a great way to fill space while creating a “wow factor.” If you have multiple lighting stations, go with elegant contrasting fixtures keep eyes playing across the ceiling.

Window Treatments: Shutters

Rooms with high ceilings usually have tall or lofty windows. Draping fabric curtains from such heights does not make sense. A better idea is to install shutters. Shutters are available for all shapes and sizes of windows. They can also be made for specialty shaped windows that are arched, angled, curved, tunnel, octagon and more. shutters are a great way to create a classic look with visual interest while breaking the monotony of high, bare walls.

Shelving as Decoration

Affixing shelving creatively up a wall provides a point of interest while creating space to display visually attractive items. Paint the shelves bold colors to provide contrast with your walls. Then place striking objects of art, vases, clocks and similar elements up the height of the wall. Try not to put too many items your shelves. Instead, leave ample space between your pieces to allow each item to shine while retaining a sense of openness.

If you are interested in learning more about shutters and how they can be a great addition to your high ceilings, contact Eclipse Shutters at 1-877-874-8877.