French Door Shutters

French doors are beautiful additions to any home. Whether you choose interior or exterior french doors, your decor will benefit greatly. They add a touch of simple elegance to any doorway in the home. The only issue with having french doors is the lack of privacy inherent with this style - as they are paned with glass instead of constructed with solid wood. If you're looking for a way to keep the beauty without sacrificing privacy, consider adding shutters to your French Doors.

Types of French Door Shutters

Eclipse® Shutters offers two tilt options for French Door shutters: Tilt Bar and Clearview® hidden rear tilt operating systems. The Tilt Bar system allows you to fully open or close the louvers in a moment using the tilt bar located on the front center of each panel. These tilt bars allow the louvers to be closed tightly in both directions and eliminates the need for staples or gears. If you'd prefer a completely unobstructed view, then you should try the Clearview® system. This system works with no center tilt-bar so you can see your beautiful views or just watch the kids play in the back yard. The Clearview® system works much the same as the normal Tilt Bar, but the system is hidden on the back hinge side of the panel. These shutters have a very clean and contemporary look, which make them great additions to the contemporary home. Both the Tilt Bar and Clearview operating systems are offered in 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" louver sizes for French Doors.

Color Options for French Door Shutters

Our French Door shutters are available in three neutral colors to match any color scheme or home decor. You can choose to get your shutters in cotton, pearl or vanilla. Cotton is the lightest of the three colors, pearl is a beautiful off-white and vanilla has just a hint of taupe. No matter which color you choose, these shutters are going to make a beautiful and elegant addition to your home. Check out our design options to get an idea of which color will work best with your home design. Interested in using shutters on your french doors too? We've got plenty of options to choose from. Contact Eclipse Shutters today for more information.

10 Design Tips for a Chic Nursery

As with all other rooms in your house, the baby nursery is always expected to be chic. You'll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so make sure you design it for both you and baby. To start you off, here are 10 design tips to help you achieve a sophisticated, yet functional nursery:
  1. Choose a color scheme.
    Before starting on any decorations for your nursery, it is always important to choose your color scheme first. This will make it easier to put together your nursery in style. What colors do you want as your main colors? Give your nursery a designer look by having splashes of bold colors that contrast beautifully with your main colors. Be it in a rug or rocking chair, nothing says chic like a well-thought-out color scheme.
  2. Get creative with a fun wallpaper full of patterns.
    Due to the major increase of sophisticated forms of home décor, wallpaper is now available in a variety of patterns, colors and textures. Choose a fun pattern for your nursery as a great way to add some depth to your style and cover up the boring white walls.
  3. Add an overhead light.
    Nothing ruins good décor like bad lighting. Try out a unique overhead light piece for a sophisticated look for your nursery. This should also be placed strategically to light up the nursery at the right angle and showcase your beautiful colors without being too bright for baby.
  4. Bring in an element of playfulness with an oversized stuffed animal.
    Keep the room casual and playful with an oversized stuffed animal. Not only will your child love it but it’s a great way to draw attention to the room.
  5. Use fun letters and words as wall art.
    Fun letters and words look beautiful when placed in a nursery. Not only are they great to help your child learn, but also look amazing as wall art. Check out Pinterest for DIY ideas or buy from kitschy sites like Etsy.
  6. Give horizontal stripes a try.
    You can never go wrong when it comes to decorating with horizontal stripes. They add a playful atmosphere to any dull space. Consider mixing it up with different pops of bold color and watch as your nursery transforms.
  7. Highlight one wall that will serve as an accent wall.
    You need not break the bank creating an accent wall in your nursery. Choose one wall to highlight and use playful colors or wallpaper art to create your own accent wall. Accent walls are a fun addition to the room, as they create uniqueness to your nursery design.
  8. Get a chic, soft rug.
    Choose a rug that is both beautiful and functional. Choose a rug that will be soft enough for baby but not so delicate that it can't be walked on or cleaned easily.
  9. Accessorize the room with cute baby clothes.
    This is a great way to have your nursery looking cute all day every day. Make use of the baby clothes and hang them strategically at one place in your nursery.
  10. Choose your window treatments wisely.
    When considering window treatments for a nursery, safety and being easy to clean should be top priorities. shutters are the best option for a nursery as they are child-safe, and they can be easily cleaned to keep dirt and dust out of the room.

At Eclipse Shutters, we provide beautiful shutters that can be seamlessly incorporated into your nursery design. The health and aesthetic benefits of shutters can't be beat. Contact us today at Eclipse Shutters for more information.

Be Green! Energy Benefits of Shutters

Most people choose shutters for their window coverings because they add style to any room. Quality faux wood shutters also improve the resale value of your home because they are built to last and remain beautiful with minimal care. To add to their value, faux shutters also have the the added advantage of being energy efficient.

How Do Shutters Reduce Your Utility Bills?

Indoor shutters help keep the heat and cold outside, so they lower energy bills and your carbon footprint while helping your home or other interior space stay at a comfortable temperature. When closed, they also keep out the harsh rays of the sun that not only heat your home but can damage your furniture, rugs, art and other valuables. Whether you live in an area that gets scorching hot temperatures during the summer or freezing cold ones in the winters (or both!), shutters can reduce the impact of those extremes on your utility bills. Moreover, because these shutters have adjustable louvers, they are perfect for controlling the inside temperatures during the more moderate seasons.

How Do Eclipse Shutters Help Control Indoor Temperatures?

Homes and other buildings can actually lose as much as half of the energy used to heat and cool them due to poorly-insulated windows and doors. That means the air conditioner or heater has to use that much more energy just to reach the desired temperature. Not only do hot and cold air get out, but they come in from the outside — along with other outside elements like wind and humidity. Eclipse Shutters act as an additional barrier when in the closed position, providing an additional layer of insulation. They reflect solar radiation back outside instead of allowing it to heat up the room. Of course, if you want to let in sunshine and heat during the spring and fall months instead of turning on the air conditioning, you can open the louvers to take advantage of the sun’s heat (and the outside view!)

Shutters Provide Added Insulation to Sliding Glass and French Doors

As you can see by some of the photos in our Gallery, shutters make an elegant addition to French and sliding glass doors. However, they also keep out the air and drafts that move in and out of the room through gaps in the insulation on these doors. Summer is here to stay! Why let the high temperatures send your electricity bills through the roof? Contact us today to find the Eclipse Shutters dealer closest to you.

How to Decorate Around Your Shutters

Shutters are a popular decorating choice for many homeowners because they bring a clean, stylish look to any room and can continue to look like new for decades with simple care. When and if you sell your house, they improve its appeal and resale value. Many people prefer shutters to draperies and other window treatments because they are easier to maintain, help keep the outdoor temperatures and elements from impacting your comfort, and provide an upscale look. Another advantage of faux wood shutters is that they come in neutral tones, so they go with any color decor. You can be free to repaint and redecorate every room in your house over the years without worrying about having to change your window treatments. This can also be an advantage when you place your house on the market, because prospective buyers can easily picture their furnishings fitting in with the neutral-tone shutters.

Pairing Shutters with Draperies and Valances

What about people who like the element of color and fabric that draperies bring to a room, but still want the style, flexibility and energy efficiency that interior faux shutters provide? That’s easy. You can pair draperies with your shutters. Because the shutters provide all the privacy you need when they’re closed, you can feel free to leave the draperies open or just purchase side panels. You may also choose to buy sheer draperies for a lighter look. Some people with shutters who want to add a bit of fabric to their windows choose to add a valance instead. This would likely not work if you have bi-fold shutters because it would prevent you from opening them. Sometimes people opt for shutters on the bottom portion of the window with a valance that partially covers the top portion.

Continue the Shutter Look Throughout the Room

If you’ve chosen indoor shutters for your window coverings, you may want to continue the look throughout the room by placing them on your French doors or sliding glass doors. You may also choose to use them as closet doors or as a room divider. We have a number of examples of shutter doors and room dividers in the Gallery on our website. The great thing about decorating a room that has shutters is that there is virtually no limit to what you can do. Whether it’s your child’s room, a dining room, bathroom, kitchen, or sunroom, they will blend perfectly with any colors and patterns you choose for walls, furniture, flooring and accessories. Your Eclipse Shutters dealer can also help you with decorating ideas. To get a list of Eclipse Shutters dealers near you, just complete the brief contact form on our website. We look forward to being part of your decorating choices.

Health Benefits of Shutters in Hospitals

Eclipse Shutters offers shutters that are specifically designed for healthcare facilities, including hospitals, doctors’ offices and assisted living facilities. Besides the comfortable, stylish ambiance they provide, they are specially designed with the needs of these businesses and those they serve in mind.

How Eclipse Shutters Help the Health of Your Patients

Our indoor shutters are microbial- and fungal-resistant. This is especially crucial in hospital settings. They can help prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria that may compromise the health and well-being of your patients. Hospital-acquired infections are an increasing source of concern in the medical community. Hospitals with a high rate of these infections can see their ratings impacted. Eclipse Shutters are GREENGUARD® Gold Certified and listed on the GREENGUARD website for microbial resistance. These product certifications help improve the overall air quality of the environment of the room. Further, our shutters can be kept clean without using strong cleaning agents that can irritate sensitive respiratory systems and add to patient discomfort. They can be kept looking like new by wiping down with a mild soap and water. They will last for many years without a lot of time-intensive maintenance. Eclipse faux wood shutters can also add style and comfort to medical facilities’ waiting areas, examination and treatment rooms while providing protection against the spread of bacteria and irritation of allergies. We know that hospitals are particularly difficult places for children to spend time. We also know that for young patients, boredom can lead to adventure. As a leading  shutter manufacturer, we do everything possible to ensure that our shutters do not present a safety issue for children.

Improving Patients’ and Families’ Opinions of Hospitals

Our hospital clients are all too aware that the government is increasingly tying hospitals’ Medicare funding to their patient satisfaction scores. Interestingly, it’s been found that patients and their families compare their hospital experience to that in hotels, stores, restaurants and other service-related businesses. That can be a tough standard to meet. However, it means that the aesthetics of the private rooms and the public areas cannot be overlooked. Those who have studied patient satisfaction surveys have found something called the “halo effect.” This means that patients are more likely to overlook minor issues if their overall feeling about the facility is good. Conversely, a hospital can do everything right, but if a patient’s overall experience wasn’t good, that will be reflected in the rating. Patients are more observant of their surroundings than many hospital administrators realize. That’s in large part because they often are unable to do much else but look around. The aesthetics of healthcare facilities can play a part in a patient’s well-being in addition to their feelings about the facility. Let Eclipse Shutters help you provide a pleasant and safe atmosphere for your patients and their loved ones. Contact us today to find the Eclipse Shutters dealer nearest you.