• "Don't Be Afraid of Selling Shutters'" Seminar

    Eclipse Shutters will be hosting "Don't Be Afraid of Selling Shutters'" on October 6th, 2011 with Windows Fashions Vision Magazine. You can sign-up to attend this webinar at Go2Meeting.
  • "Don't be afraid to sell shutters!" Seminar Video Online

    Eclipse Shutters conducted a live webinar on October 6th titled "Don't be afraid to sell shutters!". This informative hour was attended by over 150 dealers, decorators, and designers and featured how easy it is to sell, specify, and install Eclipse Shutters. The webinar is now available on the Eclipse Shutters website and the brand new Youtube channel sponsored by Eclipse Shutters. Don't be afraid and don't delay in watching the webinar and learning how Eclipse Shutters can transform your home or business today.

    Go to the Eclipse YouTube Channel

  • Impress Your Guests This Holiday Season With Beautiful Shutters

    As the holiday season approaches, you may be thinking of ways to spruce up your home in anticipation for your guests' arrival. However, painting the exterior siding or getting a new roof can be expensive and drastic. There's no need to spend a lot of money and waste time with renovations like that when the same results can be achieved by installing shutters.

    Get Your House Holiday-Ready With Beautiful Shutters

    Everyone wants to impress their friends and family when they are hosting them for the holidays. Instead of spending thousands of dollars renovating and redecorating your interiors, consider adding a touch of elegance by installing Eclipse Shutters. Your guests will certainly be impressed by the wow factor that shutters bring to your home. shutters will allow your guests to close out the sun when they want to sleep in on long winter mornings, or let in the sunshine and take in the gorgeous, snow-covered yard. Whether you're outfitting your windows or doors with these beautiful shutters, your guests will appreciate the thought you put into creating a lovely environment for them to visit and relax.

    The Benefits Of Shutters

    Besides being gorgeous additions to any home design, shutters have plenty of benefits. shutters help to seal in cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter, which makes them great for energy savings. Because Eclipse Shutters are non-porous, they are great for kitchens and bathrooms and won't mildew, warp, fade or crack. Additionally, you'll love how low-maintenance and easy to clean these shutters are. Eclipse Shutters will last many years with minimal care, and they're never in danger of going out of style! It's worth it to make the initial investment in a product that can completely change the look and comfort of your home.
    Are you ready to get your home holiday-ready by installing shutters from Eclipse Shutters? Check out our gallery and learn more about the design options available. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from so your new shutters can make a seamless transition into your home design.