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  • Shutters - The Perfect Low Maintenance Window Treatment

    Custom designed shutters add elegance, style and beauty to any room in a home. Shutters are the perfect complement for many design styles, are extremely durable, and are very easy for the homeowner to maintain.


    Eclipse Shutters custom manufactures their shutters to last for decades. Because these shutters are not made from wood products, there is no warping, fading, or cracking of the panels or louvers. Their unique UltraSatin™ finish gives these shutters the look of painted wood without the upkeep of wood. The homeowner will never need to repaint or refinish these shutters. Eclipse Shutters are UV resistant and will not be damaged by the sun. The colors will remain true to the original shade with no yellowing or fading.

    The non-porous surface of these shutters is easy to clean and maintain. The panels can be wiped with a clean damp cloth. There is no need to use lemon oil, furniture polish, or harsh chemical cleaners. These shutters are mold and mildew resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The special panel lock closure device eliminates those plastic encased magnets other manufacturers use that deteriorate over time and must be replaced. Shutters manufactured by Eclipse Shutters are fire retardant and NFPA 701 certified. They are also GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for air quality.

    Homeowners simply cannot go wrong with shutters from Eclipse Shutters. The company offers the longest manufacturers’ warranty in the industry. All their shutters carry an unconditional 25-year guarantee. Eclipse custom shutters may be the last window treatments a homeowner will ever need to purchase.

  • "Don't Be Afraid of Selling Shutters'" Seminar

    Eclipse Shutters will be hosting "Don't Be Afraid of Selling Shutters'" on October 6th, 2011 with Windows Fashions Vision Magazine. You can sign-up to attend this webinar at Go2Meeting.
  • "Don't be afraid to sell shutters!" Seminar Video Online

    Eclipse Shutters conducted a live webinar on October 6th titled "Don't be afraid to sell shutters!". This informative hour was attended by over 150 dealers, decorators, and designers and featured how easy it is to sell, specify, and install Eclipse Shutters. The webinar is now available on the Eclipse Shutters website and the brand new Youtube channel sponsored by Eclipse Shutters. Don't be afraid and don't delay in watching the webinar and learning how Eclipse Shutters can transform your home or business today.

    Go to the Eclipse YouTube Channel

  • 10 Design Tips for a Chic Nursery

    As with all other rooms in your house, the baby nursery is always expected to be chic. You'll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so make sure you design it for both you and baby. To start you off, here are 10 design tips to help you achieve a sophisticated, yet functional nursery:
    1. Choose a color scheme.
      Before starting on any decorations for your nursery, it is always important to choose your color scheme first. This will make it easier to put together your nursery in style. What colors do you want as your main colors? Give your nursery a designer look by having splashes of bold colors that contrast beautifully with your main colors. Be it in a rug or rocking chair, nothing says chic like a well-thought-out color scheme.
    2. Get creative with a fun wallpaper full of patterns.
      Due to the major increase of sophisticated forms of home décor, wallpaper is now available in a variety of patterns, colors and textures. Choose a fun pattern for your nursery as a great way to add some depth to your style and cover up the boring white walls.
    3. Add an overhead light.
      Nothing ruins good décor like bad lighting. Try out a unique overhead light piece for a sophisticated look for your nursery. This should also be placed strategically to light up the nursery at the right angle and showcase your beautiful colors without being too bright for baby.
    4. Bring in an element of playfulness with an oversized stuffed animal.
      Keep the room casual and playful with an oversized stuffed animal. Not only will your child love it but it’s a great way to draw attention to the room.
    5. Use fun letters and words as wall art.
      Fun letters and words look beautiful when placed in a nursery. Not only are they great to help your child learn, but also look amazing as wall art. Check out Pinterest for DIY ideas or buy from kitschy sites like Etsy.
    6. Give horizontal stripes a try.
      You can never go wrong when it comes to decorating with horizontal stripes. They add a playful atmosphere to any dull space. Consider mixing it up with different pops of bold color and watch as your nursery transforms.
    7. Highlight one wall that will serve as an accent wall.
      You need not break the bank creating an accent wall in your nursery. Choose one wall to highlight and use playful colors or wallpaper art to create your own accent wall. Accent walls are a fun addition to the room, as they create uniqueness to your nursery design.
    8. Get a chic, soft rug.
      Choose a rug that is both beautiful and functional. Choose a rug that will be soft enough for baby but not so delicate that it can't be walked on or cleaned easily.
    9. Accessorize the room with cute baby clothes.
      This is a great way to have your nursery looking cute all day every day. Make use of the baby clothes and hang them strategically at one place in your nursery.
    10. Choose your window treatments wisely.
      When considering window treatments for a nursery, safety and being easy to clean should be top priorities. Plantation shutters are the best option for a nursery as they are child-safe, and they can be easily cleaned to keep dirt and dust out of the room.

    At Eclipse Shutters, we provide beautiful plantation shutters that can be seamlessly incorporated into your nursery design. The health and aesthetic benefits of plantation shutters can't be beat. Contact us today at Eclipse Shutters for more information.

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About Eclipse Shutters

    With more than two decades of experience and expertise in the custom shutter industry, our products have been delivered and installed in thousands of homes throughout the country.

    In that time, we have established ourselves as the best-selling shutter in North America. Below are other facts about Eclipse Shutters of which you may not know.

    Get to Know Us Better

    1. Our plantation shutters are waterproof. This makes them the ideal choice in kitchens and bathrooms or in any other high-moisture areas in your home or place of business.

    2. They are washable. You can easily maintain their fresh look by cleaning with soap and water – no need to use fancy or expensive cleaning agents.

    3. Our products are incredibly durable and well-designed. You can install them in high-traffic areas (daycare centers, hospital and hotel lobbies, etc.) fully confident that they will stand up to the rigors of daily use.

    4. We offer an unlimited 25-year warranty, a guarantee that is unrivaled by any other company in the industry.

    5. Modern innovations coupled with skilled workmanship allow us to offer the fastest delivery times to our customers.

    6. Your custom interior shutters will be produced in seven business days or less without taking any shortcuts or compromising their quality and durability.

    7. We can accommodate all windows sizes and shapes. Our products are custom-made to fit your home; no matter what type of windows you have, there’s an Eclipse plantation interior shutter that will match it perfectly.

    8. Our shutters are designed for child safety and are Greenguard® Gold Certified for use in schools, nurseries and other establishments with very young children.

    9. Microbial- and fungal-resistant, our custom shutters are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes. Along with observing sensible hygienic practices, our shutters can help prevent the build-up of germs and other air-borne pollutants that can threaten people with chronic health conditions. This can be especially important if you have a frail family member residing with you.

    10. Our interior shutters for windows are incredibly energy efficient. They help prevent treated (hot or cold) air from escaping your home as well as prevent untreated outside air from entering. This means your heating or cooling system will use less energy to maintain the ideal indoor temperature in your home. This translates to lower utility bills over time.

    Our top-quality indoor shutters come from some of the finest licensed fabricators all over the country. Thousands of dealers trust and carry our products. Our long-time partners can be found in countries as distant as Malaysia or simply across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in beautiful and long-lasting plantation shutters, contact us today to find a dealer in your area.

  • 3 Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

    The personal and market value of your home is closely tied to aesthetics. If you want to spruce up your home and add value to it, there are simple upgrades you can do. If you want to maintain a budget while performing upgrades, you are in luck. The best value boosters are often the least expensive.

    3 Easy Home Improvements That Won't Break the Bank

    New Paint

    A new coat of paint instantly transforms a room into an inviting space. By carefully selecting your color palette, you can alter the atmosphere in each room of your home. For example, using a mix of blue and 
    green tones in your bedroom promotes relaxation and tranquility, even after a hectic day. Warmer colors work well in the kitchen and dining room areas. If you do not want to paint an entire room, you could paint a single accent wall to achieve a similar effect. If you are looking to sell your home soon, stick with bright, neutral tones.

    Fresh Fixtures

    Your home might be filled with tired, old fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Look around at the drawer handles, cabinet knobs and latches to find a few to update with a modern touch. You can also replace the faucets and shower heads with units that not only look modern, but also have all of the best features available today. You will definitely see and feel a difference in your home after making this upgrade.

    Iconic Shutters

    The window treatments you select for your home bring the entire design together. Plantation shutters have a classic look that acts as a grounding force for your home décor. You can opt for shutters in many different styles and finishes that perfectly accent your design style. You may want to pair the shutters with soft, flowing curtains or leave them bare. The shutters not only improve the way your home looks, but also keep your rooms comfortable year around. Plantation shutters are the only window coverings that add permanent value to the home!
    Eclipse Shutters is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, but has a nationwide network of dealers and fabricators dedicated to providing customers quality, custom shutters. Get in touch with us or find a dealer near you for more information.
  • 3 Ways to Dress Up Your Shutters

    Alone, shutters add sophistication to your home and they are bound to get noticed instantly. However, you can also make them stand out with decorative tricks. Read on to learn how you can dress up your shutters with draperies, valances or an arch.

    Add Some Floor-Length Curtains

    Dress your shutters in floor-length draperies to create a striking focal point in your living room. Choose draperies that directly contrast the color of your walls, which creates a beautiful juxtaposition. Experiment with textures by layering sheers with opaque materials until you find the right combination for your style. You can also go for a playful look dressing up your shutters with curtains full of mixed color and patterns. For a more transparent look, opt for sheers to show off your shutters. Your friends and family will be wowed by the simple transformation.


    Accessorize With a Valance

    If drapery panels seem like too much, opt for valances. They look great and can be made in many shapes and fabrics. A valance can be used in many different ways. You can go pleated in a classically-styled room or ruffled to give a room a feminine feel. Other options are scalloped or a swag design. Remember to get creative and dress your shutters incorporating your personal style.

    Frame With an Arch

    Some of the most striking shutter designs feature an arch over the window. Oftentimes this is a built-in feature of the home, but if you are building your home now, we highly recommend adding an arch to a prominent window. An arch will add drama to any room and can look very formal. Try the arch in a formal living room. You can even make a master bathroom feel like a luxury spa.

    At Eclipse Shutters, we understand that when it comes to your home décor, sophistication is the name of the game. Our custom shutters come in various designs, many shapes and classic colors, giving you countless options when it comes to decoration. Ready to add shutters to your home decor? Check out where you can buy Eclipse Shutters near you.

  • 4 Benefits of Shutters

    In today's economy, many homeowners want to be sure that the window coverings they choose not only make a statement but also have value. When it comes to other window treatment options, shutters are superior. Their long life means that homeowners get added resale value for their home. Check out this infographic to explore additional advantages of installing shutters.

    Energy Efficiency

    Having shutters installed in your home can easily help save money long term. Less heat coming into the home means lower air-conditioning costs while less heat escaping from the home means lower heating costs.

    Easy to Care For

    Due to their material, Eclipse Shutters are incredibly easy to clean and care for. When necessary, simply wet a soft cloth with water and wipe the shutter panels until they are free from dust.

    Light Control

    Shutters give you ultimate control over light and privacy in your home. The tilt-bar allows the louvered shutters to be adjusted for everything from an open view to total privacy.

    Fit Any Window Frame

    All Eclipse shutters are precisely measured and custom-made to fit any window in your home. Eclipse also offers eleven specialty shapes that fit a variety of non-traditionally shaped windows.

  • 4 Ways Shutters Add Value to Your Home

    There is no doubt that shutters are a gorgeous addition to any home. If you're on the fence about purchasing shutters, you should think about both the short-term and long-term benefits that shutters provide. In addition to making any space look great, shutters can also add value to your home in several ways.

    Increase Appraisal Value of Your Home

    If you’re trying to sell your home, adding shutters can make your home instantly more valuable. One reason for this is that high-quality shutters are classic and are liked by most buyers. shutters are custom-made for the windows, which means that the shutters will remain with the home once it’s sold. The other benefit of shutters is that they make a great first impression, and might result in an offer much faster than a home that has more mundane or outdated window treatments.

    Update the Appearance of Your Home

    Shutters give your home the custom look you've been waiting for. They are a smart investment, and they instantly increase the aesthetics and visual appearance of your home. Unlike most window treatments that can either be opened or closed, shutters offer a third option; shutters can be tilted up or down to allow light to filter through while still providing you with privacy.

    Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

    Another great way shutters add value to your home is by being energy-efficient. shutters are built for the exact dimensions of your windows. This helps to stabilize the temperature inside your home and throughout the changing of the seasons. Having energy-efficient window treatments keeps your overall cost of home ownership low by reducing your monthly energy bills.

    Low-Maintenance is a High Selling Point

    Low-maintenance decorative touches are incredibly important for people looking to buy new homes. One of the best parts about Eclipse shutters is that they are very easy to keep clean and will look great for many years to come. Eclipse Shutters are the only shutters that have a 25-year warranty! Eclipse shutters are a simply beautiful addition to any home. Contact an Eclipse Shutters dealer today!
  • 5 Benefits of Eclipse Shutters

    Still on the fence about purchasing shutters for your home? Check out this interactive image to learn five, surprising benefits of shutters from Eclipse.

  • 5 Benefits of Shutters

    Please see below:
  • 5 Easy Ways to Reinvent Your Living Room

    If you are like most Americans, you and your family spend a lot of time in your living room. Don’t you want the space to be alive and inviting? If you look around your living room and see tired, boring furniture and décor, then your space may need a facelift — but how do you get started? Try any of these simple additions to breathe new life into your space.

    1. Try Texture and Patterns.

    If your furniture and décor are all one color, the room may lack depth. Adding an accent wall that has a patterned paint job or wallpaper may brighten up the room. If you don’t have time to paint, you might just want to pick some pillows that have patterns or fun textures to add some dimension and color. Don’t be afraid to mix colors!

    2. Consider Adding a Feature that Makes a Statement.

    Living spaces that have a focal point tend to add more life to a room. In many living rooms, however, the focal point ends up being a television or entertainment system. Switch things up by picking out a large painting or bright rug to really make a statement in your room. You can find something that fits with your existing color scheme or design around your new statement piece.

    3. Incorporate Plantation Shutters.

    Plantation shutters give any room a sophistication that is difficult to replicate. These beautiful window treatment options can brighten up a room, add character and are clean and safe alternatives to other window treatments. They also add to the value of your home in addition to totally changing the ambiance of your living space. You could change nothing else, but add shutters, and it would feel like a completely different room.

    4. Scale Down Your Furniture.

    You can make your living space seem a lot bigger by getting rid of that oversized couch. If you have multiple pieces of furniture in the room, consider removing one or two pieces to make the room seem less crowded and more open. You may also want to move your furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of even more space.

    5. Revitalize Your Mantle.

    If you have a fireplace, you will be surprised at how much simply updating the mantle can do for the whole room. Although some projects can be costly, there are many DIY options that you may want to consider. Stick to light colors to make the space seem bigger. Let us know other ways you update your living areas. For more design tips, follow our blog.
  • 7 Reasons to Love Shutters

    Shutters are outstanding in more ways than one. Between their sleek, beautiful look, cost-saving energy benefits, and the added home value, it's easy to see why shutters are worth the investment. Read on to learn why we love shutters, and why you should too.

    7 Reasons to Love Eclipse Shutters


    1. Shutters are perfect when you need a lot of light, or when you want to darken a room. The louvers on our shutters allow a lot of light to shine through when they're open and privacy when they're closed. Choose the 4 1/2" louver for the largest view to the outside.
    2. The cleaning process is more streamlined than other window treatments: simply wipe them down with a dusting cloth and you're done. If you see any dirt and grime, you can also wipe them down with a wet cloth and water, since they are water resistant.
    3. There aren't any cords or strings to worry about. The tilt bar or rear tilt will never get tangled and become a hazard like a pull cord can.
    4. Shutters can help you save money on your energy bills. This window treatment helps trap the heat inside when it's cold and keeps the cold on the inside when it's warm, effectively working with your HVAC system to control the temperature in your home.
      • Eclipse Shutters are designed with pockets of air built straight into both the frame and the louver, allowing them to reduce solar heat gain during hotter months and keep colder air outside during winter months. They also protect against harmful UV rays, reflecting them outside instead of absorbing them into the interior of your home.
    5. Shutters give any room that extra dose of style. They can transform an otherwise bland room into a great-looking space. They provide more than just a window dressing; they are decor for your windows!
    6. Upgrading to high-quality shutters will increase the value of your home. When potential buyers see them, they'll know right away that you've invested in your home.
    7. Eclipse shutters do not warp, bend, peel or crack because they're built with the best materials for shutter design, and are made with ultra-precise machinery. And, with our new UltraSatin™ finish, they will never need to be repainted or refinished.
    Investing in high-quality shutters shouldn't just be considered purely for the aesthetic appeal - they should be considered because they'll benefit you in more ways than one. If you're ready to upgrade your window treatments to shutters, contact us today to find the Eclipse dealer that's closest to you.
  • A Brief Guide to Child and Pet Safe Window Coverings

    Child safety is a top priority for any parent. When you are planning to purchase window coverings for your home, the safety of your family should play a major role in your decision making process. If you make your purchase based solely on price considerations, you may end up with window coverings that are dangerous to the safety of your children and pets. For this reason, when purchasing window coverings it is important to take a closer look at exactly what you are buying to ensure that it offers the latest child safety features.

    Which Window Coverings Should a Parent Avoid?

    Many window coverings, like standard blinds and shades, function through the use of dangerous strings and cords that dangle from the top of the window casing. These hanging strings may look inviting to a curious child or pet. Parents should be aware that it is possible for children to become entangled in window covering cords. Therefore, to reduce the risk of accidents, all cords should be kept out of the reach of children.

    Eclipse Plantation Shutters are Safe for Both Pets and Children

    There is a long list of benefits that you can expect from having Eclipse plantation shutters installed in your home, including improved energy efficiency, beauty and easy functionality. But the most important benefit, especially if you have pets or small children, is peace of mind. Plantation shutters are extremely beautiful, durable and easy to maintain when compared to other window coverings, and because there are no dangling cords involved in their design, plantation shutters represent a safer alternative when compared to shades or blinds.

    You can feel confident in purchasing Eclipse shutters for your home, knowing that they have recently received the Best for Kids™ distinction. The Best for Kids certification is a safety program put forth by the WCMA (Window Covering Manufacturers Association). This is the industry’s first third party certification program designed to help consumers and retailers easily identify products that are safe to use in homes with young children.

    Eclipse plantation shutters are not only visually appealing and energy efficient, their cordless design makes them one of the safest window coverings on the market today! For more information about your window shutter options, give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

  • A Guide to Decorating with Pantone's Spring 2014 Colors

    It's that time of year again - spring cleaning. For homeowners, this means finally getting around to those remodeling projects that got placed on the back burner all winter.  Want to know the best way to follow through with those good intentions? Take small steps and work on one room at a time. Having a mindset of tackling an entire house can lead to plenty of frustration, which is not good. What better way to jump on the design bandwagon than by simply changing the color on the walls? Paint does a lot more than people give it credit for. A fresh coat can make a small space larger, a dark space lighter and many other magical things! Knowing what color to choose is not easy though. Thankfully, the folks at Pantone have decided to make your life a whole lot easier. The shades picked by the fashion experts for their spring clothing collections work perfectly for houses both on walls and ceilings or as accents on molding, shelving or our custom indoor shutters.  Warm weather is just around the corner, so now is the time to choose colors that are airy, inviting and relaxing. Here is a brief overview of their spring-worthy shades:
    • Cayenne - This dark red is bold and full of spring flair. Make it work to your benefit by matching it with neutral tone walls and flooring. The color is ideal for bedroom accessories (wall sconces, ornaments, drapes over plantation shutters, etc.) and bedding.
    • Celosia Orange - A bright color that is bound to put anyone in a good mood, Celosia works well in small spaces and entryways. Mudrooms are an ideal spot, but it can also look great in the right bedroom.
    • Dazzling Blue - Blues are trending in 2014, especially rich cobalt. This shade is a bit on the purple side and can work wonders for powder rooms. Half baths are a prime location; remember to pair it with decorative wallpaper to achieve its full effect.
    • Freesia - Paint your four-seasons patio this bright yellow and be prepared to always wake up in a happy mood. This friendly tone is relaxing, but at the same time, perfect for uplifting a dull mood.
    Other popular Pantone picks for spring include Hemlock, Paloma, Placid Blue and Radiant Orchid, Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year. So paint those walls, install someof ourinterior shutters and watch your room transform before your eyes!
  • Advantages of Installing Interior Window Shutters

    When you want to add versatility, energy efficiency and beauty to your window treatments, it's time to consider custom interior window shutters for your home. There are a number of advantages to using plantation shutters instead of traditional blinds or shades. For durability and easy maintenance, many homeowners choose shutters that will last for many years with little upkeep.


    Improve the Heating and Cooling Efficiency of Your Home

    Window shutters work well to keep heat out in the hot summer months, while simultaneously allowing the sun to shine through depending on how you have them adjusted. When the sun is shining too brightly, you can close the louvers on the shutters and keep your energy costs low. Additionally, in the winter, you can keep your plantation shutters closed to block winter drafts.

    Interior Window Shutters Add Value to Your Home

    Window shutters inside the home are more permanent than blinds or shades. Polyresin shutters are worth the investment, as they will add value to your home. When you have installed custom shutters in your home, potential home buyers understand the value of these shutters. This shows that you care for your home, and that you made the decision to invest in quality window treatments.

    Add Beauty to Your Home

    Eclipse Plantation Shutters are durable, easy to clean, and they look beautiful in your home for years. When you are tired of shades that are hard to keep clean or you don't want to hear the wind whistling through your blinds, plantation shutters inside your home are the way to go. You can choose shutters that never need refinishing, or shutters that are made using a child proof design, like Eclipse Shutters. With the variety of shutters available to you, it's possible to add a unique look to your interior spaces.

    If you are thinking about shutters but you don't know what your options are, it's time to call for a professional consultation today to see how shutters can improve the interior of your home.

  • Alternative Uses for Your Shutters

    Shutters add elegance and value to any home. They are beautiful and easy to maintain. They also help save energy by keeping the outside temperature from entering your home. Most people picture them on windows, but they are more than window treatments. They can be used throughout your home to bring a unique, sophisticated look to any room. Shutters Can Complement Sliding Glass or French Doors Faux shutters are a perfect addition to doorways leading to a patio. They’re a stylish alternative to the draperies and vertical blinds that most people use. They can close to provide privacy or stay open to let in the sun. Since they’re easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about them getting a lot of use as your family goes in and out of the house. They’re waterproof, UV protective and non-porous, so they will stand to the kind of use that your patio doors likely get, particularly in the summer. You can choose a by-pass, bi-fold or standard hinge track system depending on how you want them to open. If you have French doors either leading outside or between rooms, shutters provide an elegant complement to them while also providing privacy. You can match them to your shutter window treatments for an upscale, cohesive look. Shutters for Closet Doors Shutters have become a popular alternative to traditional closet doors. They add a clean, elegant look to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways or wherever your closets are. shutter doors provide just as much privacy for your clothes or other belongings as traditional closet doors when the louvers are closed. You can choose from by-pass, bi-fold or standard hinge track systems to fit your needs. shutters are often used for closet doors in some of the finest hotels. Shutter Room Dividers Break up Your Living Space If you want to create two rooms out of one, there’s no better, more stylish way than floor-to-ceiling shutters. They are a beautiful, practical way to break up your kitchen and dining areas, separate out part of your basement as a playroom, or create a private dressing area within your bedroom. As with shutter doors, you can choose the track system you prefer for your dividers. You can keep the shutters and louvers open or closed or a range of privacy options. You may choose to coordinate them with your shutter window and or/door treatments or go for a different style. Why Choose Eclipse Shutters? We know that there are a lot of places where you can buy shutters. However, we believe that our custom interior shutters are superior both in appearance and durability. That’s why our shutters come with a 25-year warranty - the best in the industry. While we are proudly based in Atlanta, our shutters are sold by dealers all over the country. To find a dealer in your area, simply complete our brief online form to begin the process of transforming your home
  • Balance Between Privacy and Light in Your Bathroom with Interior Shutters

    When windows are present in a bathroom, privacy becomes much more of an issue than in some other rooms of the house. While privacy is paramount, it is important to never go overboard. The goal is to strike a balance between privacy, light and decor. Keep in mind that natural light is also a major plus for small bathrooms in particular, as it makes the space appear larger and less restricted. The need for full control over how much light is allowed into the space (as well as the degree of privacy) means some window treatments are automatically better suited for the job than others. Shades, shutters and blinds are usually the best choice for the bathroom. Ourinterior faux wood shutters can be custom-fit, look stunning and give you the option to install the treatment on the lower sash only. Since Eclipse Shutters can custom-manufacture shutters to fit any window size and shape (extremely beneficial for smaller and/or irregularly shaped bathroom windows), you never have to worry about compromising on privacy. The "one sash only" option that we offer on interior faux shutters is guaranteed to keep your bathroom activities private while letting in the most natural light possible. Practicality aside, you will not find a better-looking product than plantation shutters on the market. They look amazing, are highly energy-efficient and are very easy to clean and maintain. Contact us today to learn more about striking the perfect balance between form and function in your bathroom with our custom interior plantation shutters.
  • Be Green! Energy Benefits of Shutters

    Most people choose shutters for their window coverings because they add style to any room. Quality faux wood shutters also improve the resale value of your home because they are built to last and remain beautiful with minimal care. To add to their value, faux shutters also have the the added advantage of being energy efficient.

    How Do Shutters Reduce Your Utility Bills?

    Indoor shutters help keep the heat and cold outside, so they lower energy bills and your carbon footprint while helping your home or other interior space stay at a comfortable temperature. When closed, they also keep out the harsh rays of the sun that not only heat your home but can damage your furniture, rugs, art and other valuables. Whether you live in an area that gets scorching hot temperatures during the summer or freezing cold ones in the winters (or both!), shutters can reduce the impact of those extremes on your utility bills. Moreover, because these shutters have adjustable louvers, they are perfect for controlling the inside temperatures during the more moderate seasons.

    How Do Eclipse Shutters Help Control Indoor Temperatures?

    Homes and other buildings can actually lose as much as half of the energy used to heat and cool them due to poorly-insulated windows and doors. That means the air conditioner or heater has to use that much more energy just to reach the desired temperature. Not only do hot and cold air get out, but they come in from the outside — along with other outside elements like wind and humidity. Eclipse Shutters act as an additional barrier when in the closed position, providing an additional layer of insulation. They reflect solar radiation back outside instead of allowing it to heat up the room. Of course, if you want to let in sunshine and heat during the spring and fall months instead of turning on the air conditioning, you can open the louvers to take advantage of the sun’s heat (and the outside view!)

    Shutters Provide Added Insulation to Sliding Glass and French Doors

    As you can see by some of the photos in our Gallery, shutters make an elegant addition to French and sliding glass doors. However, they also keep out the air and drafts that move in and out of the room through gaps in the insulation on these doors. Summer is here to stay! Why let the high temperatures send your electricity bills through the roof? Contact us today to find the Eclipse Shutters dealer closest to you.
  • Benefits of Installing Shutters in Your Home

    Homeowners today do not lack for options when it comes to window treatments for their home. Installing shutters, sometimes also referred to as interior shutters for windows, is an excellent modern window treatment option that has four key benefits.


    Once you see how shutters transform a room, it’s difficult not to fall under their spell. Classic and elegant, they are compatible with a wide range of design styles. They help create a clean aesthetic appeal in any space where they are installed and bring out the best design features of any room. Our interior shutters come in neutral colors that are meant to complete and complement traditional or modern design trends. Additionally, we have shutters that are shaped to conform to a variety of window styles that are difficult to fit, such as arched windows, ellipticals, hexagons, full rakes, etc. As a design element, you will find our interior shutters to be versatile and functional at the same time.


    Our shutters come with a 25-year warranty, the most extensive product warranty in the industry. Additionally, UV resistance ensures that the color will not fade over time. Their non-porous surface makes them the perfect solution for high-moisture areas of the home as they will not warp or crack. All products from Eclipse Shutters are built to last and designed for both style and function to give you many years of use and enjoyment. 


    Interior shutters are excellent insulators. They prevent cool air from escaping during hot summer months and help keep a room warm and toasty during colder weather. This saves you money in two ways. First, your HVAC system will not be overworked to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. Second, it ends up using less energy to cool or heat your home. This not only prolongs the life of the heating and cooling system in your house, it also translates to lower monthly energy bills for you.

    Increased Home Value

    Some states consider the installation of interior shutters a capital home improvement. This may mean potential tax savings when it comes time to sell your home, so be sure to keep your receipt. Eclipse Shutters is a shutter manufacturer that you can trust. When you’re ready to install high-quality indoor shutters in your home, call us. Our products are crafted and designed to please even the most discerning homeowner.