Contemporary Decorating Trends for 2020

The interior design trends of 2020 provide a clear break from tradition and a new direction against what we’ve seen over the last decade. Bold color accents, clean lines, materials that mimic natural products, and reclaimed materials are all the rage. While not a new trend, openness, whether in floor plans or light passing through the home, is here to stay. While the economy is unstable, consumers are looking for inexpensive options and durable products that add value to the home. 

Material Mimics, Recycled and Reclaimed Products
Products constructed from real, natural materials are fading in popularity in 2020. They are being replaced by composite materials with a natural look and feel. Such elements tend to be more durable, easier to clean and less expensive than their natural counterparts. This is especially popular in artistic and decorative features where reclaimed wood and mill-work are making their mark.
Bold Colored Furniture and Accents
Brilliantly colored sofas and chairs are the height of contemporary decorating in 2020. Bold colored furniture provides both comfortable seating while serving as focal points. Similarly, floral patterns are also making a comeback. Unlike the muted tones of the past, divergent palettes of teals, blues, rich golds and metallics, with white and black accents provide contrast and a visual pop. While neutral colored paints and wall coverings have been dominant recently, vibrant and rich jewel tones are the choice in 2020. Deep navy blues and moody greens are very popular for accent walls, or for full room transformations paired with bright white trim and black or metallic accent pieces.
Shutters as Window Treatments
Shutters are a popular choice in contemporary decorating. They are stylish, durable and add to the value of your home. Unlike drapery panels, shutters can be maneuvered to provide complete privacy or varying degrees of light throughout a room. They can also be used as a stand alone treatment unlike drapery panels. Eclipse Shutters offers two tilt options that provide a contemporary look: Gear System and Hidden Rear TiltBoth options offer a clean appearance when the shutters are closed, while also providing an undivided view of the outdoors when fully opened. These shutters pair well with sleek cabinets and contemporary hardware, making them the perfect choice for modern kitchen designs.