Can I Add Curtains to Windows with Blinds?

You are remodeling your Atlanta home and are wondering if you should change your window design. The answer is, why not? Window upgrades will transform any room into possibly your favorite room of the house. By providing natural light into your home, you will create a welcoming and stylish environment that is perfect for any space. The main question is, “Can I add curtains to windows with blinds?”

Traditional Blinds—Yes

There are different types of blinds, including traditional blinds, wooden or faux blinds, draperies, shades, and shutters. Traditional blinds always look great with curtains. Because these blinds are simple, adding curtains to your windows will help give it an extra touch that will liven up your space. A popular trick when adding curtains to your living space, bedroom, or dining area is to go “high and wide”. Adding your curtain rod higher and wider than your actual window will make your window look larger than normal. Instead of covering window space, the curtains cover wall space, making your room look bigger by giving you more natural light. Another technique when adding curtains to your windows with blinds is to pick a curtain with a complementing color. If your furniture is colorful, you should choose white or sheer colored curtains to help balance the room’s environment. On the other hand, if your room is already simple or bland, picking an accent colored curtain will brighten up your space. If you need help choosing a curtain or blind style, you can seek help from an interior designer.

Other Window Coverings—Depends on Personal Style

Other window coverings, such as wooden or faux blinds, draperies, shades, and shutters do not necessarily need curtains. These blinds are quite appealing and stylish by themselves, however it does depend on your own personal style and the look you are trying to achieve in your home.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Most faux, or wooden-looking blind and curtain combinations occur in the living, dining, or master bedroom. Thick or darker colored curtains with faux wood blinds are sophisticated yet traditional in Atlanta. If you are looking for a more modern and simple style, try sheer or lightly colored curtains. When used with an elegant frame, adding curtains to faux blinds is not necessary, but essentially is up to the personal style and preference of the homeowner.

  • Draperies and Shades

Draperies and shades are essentially a piece of fabric that’s pulled from side to side or up and down. Draperies are commonly custom made to fit your window and can really make a dramatic transformation to the room. Shades are popular in living and meeting rooms where television and computer screens are used, because they can easily block out natural light. A wide range of fabric can be used for shades including solar screen and light filtering types.

  • Shutters

Shutters are popular across the nation. These window coverings are very classy, and go well in all rooms of the house. Shutters can be easily opened or closed to control sunlight. They come in various sizes with a variety of frame options. Because these window coverings are already stylishly appealing, adding curtains to shutters is up to the personal style and preference of the homeowner. If you are looking for a window makeover and want to brighten up your room with a classic and elegant look, try adding shutters. Shutters are a favorite in the Southeast, especially in Georgia and Florida. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Eclipse Shutters is the top shutter provider in the nation. Contact us today for more information.