Four Ways To Decorate With High Ceilings

Most people love a room with a high ceiling. The dramatic feel, the brightness and the grand feeling of openness. But without the right interior design, these rooms can seem more like caverns than living spaces. Follow these four tips for decorating with high ceilings to create visual interest and focal points to break up the large wall space.

Statement Artwork

Hang pieces of art or decorative accent pieces along the height of the wall. You have choices here. You can build collections of similar small pieces to create a feature wall or use a few very large pieces, since you have the space. Either way, your artistic choices will help to break up the big blank walls and create interesting focus.

Lighting Installations

Install large, prominent lighting fixtures to draw attention. If you have a single central light, a massive, striking chandelier is a great way to fill space while creating a “wow factor.” If you have multiple lighting stations, go with elegant contrasting fixtures keep eyes playing across the ceiling.

Window Treatments: Shutters

Rooms with high ceilings usually have tall or lofty windows. Draping fabric curtains from such heights does not make sense. A better idea is to install shutters. Shutters are available for all shapes and sizes of windows. They can also be made for specialty shaped windows that are arched, angled, curved, tunnel, octagon and more. shutters are a great way to create a classic look with visual interest while breaking the monotony of high, bare walls.

Shelving as Decoration

Affixing shelving creatively up a wall provides a point of interest while creating space to display visually attractive items. Paint the shelves bold colors to provide contrast with your walls. Then place striking objects of art, vases, clocks and similar elements up the height of the wall. Try not to put too many items your shelves. Instead, leave ample space between your pieces to allow each item to shine while retaining a sense of openness.

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