Go Bold with 4.5 Inch Shutters

If you’re anything like most people in this country, you’re at home a lot these days. Many of us have decided to redecorate with all of the extra time we have on our hands. A good place to start is with your windows! 

Instead of smaller, less noticeable window coverings, consider larger options like 4.5 inch shutters! Shutters will add architectural detail and visual interest to the room. If you’ve got medium to large windows, then the 4.5 inch louver size is a great option. The larger louvers demand attention while allowing your view to the outside to have less obstructions. 4.5 inch louvers also let the most light in, which is another added benefit. 

Get the bold look you’ve been dreaming of with Eclipse 4.5 inch shutters! Eclipse Shutters offers three louver sizes, three colors, and many different configurations to suit your interior decor. They also are extremely durable, energy efficient, and have an industry leading 25-year warranty

If you are unsure about whether your windows will be able to fit these grand window treatments, contact Eclipse Shutters today to find a dealer in your area.