What is the Lifetime Expectancy of Shutters compared to Blinds and Draperies?

With so many types of fabrics and materials on the market today, choosing interior window coverings can be difficult. Most homeowners want to be sure they’re purchasing window coverings that will make a statement in their home, while at the same time will protect a room from light and undesired airflow. In today’s economy, many homeowners also want to be sure that the window coverings they choose have value. When it comes to comparing the value of draperies, blinds and shutters, shutters win hands down. Their long life means that homeowners get greater satisfaction and added value for home resale than any other window covering option.

Lifetime of Draperies

Draperies come in a range of styles and can be made from a number of different materials, from cotton to rayon to silk. Some drapes are gauzy, sheer and delicate, while others have sturdy linings and could almost stand on their own. Each distinct type of drape has its own lifespan and care instructions. On average, draperies need to be cleaned at least once per year to remove dust and dirt build-up, which will eventually wear the draperies down. With proper care, it’s estimated that draperies may last 6-10 years.

Lifetime of Blinds

Blinds also come in a range of materials and colors. Blinds, though more similar to shutters than draperies, are nowhere near as substantial and sturdy as shutters. Their ultra-lightweight slats are prone to bending and breaking. Much more difficult to clean than shutters, built up dust and grime often age them before their time. Generally, blinds can be expected to last for 6-10 years.

Lifetime of Shutters

Shutters are by far the most low maintenance window covering available. Depending on the shutter manufacturer and the material of the shutters, they can be expected to last for 10-25 years. Eclipse Shutters can last decades with minimal care. They won’t be damaged by the sun’s harmful rays since they are UV resistant, and can’t be damaged by water or steam in high moisture areas. Their greatest advantage is for those who seek energy efficiency and control over both light and airflow into their homes. Eclipse Shutters is the only shutter manufacturer that offers a 25-year warranty on their shutters – the best in the industry!

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