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New Products

Eclipse Shutters is proud to offer new product innovations! We are dedicated to improving our products and fabrication systems to better serve our customers. Introducing the new products and innovations for 2017:


The new French Door Shutters with Cutout allows the shutter panel to open and close independently from your French door(s). This new functionality allows you to open just the panel to let more light in! It is also designed to accommodate a variety of door handle and lock options.

new products cutouts


The new Bullnose Z Frame is a decorative frame that is used for inside mounts. It has rounded edges and modern style. It is excellent for slightly out of square windows because the extended leg covers any imperfections.

new products bullnose z


An improvement on the Clearview™ hidden rear tilt system, the new UltraClearview™ hidden rear tilt provides a smooth, uniform closure on all louvers.

new products ultraclear view

Triple and Open By-Pass Shutter Track Systems

We have two new configurations for our By-Pass Track System. New channels in the frames allow for more complete panel closure into the side frames.

  • The Triple By-Pass Track System can accommodate three to eight panels within three tracks allowing for wider viewing areas.
  • The Open By-Pass Track System allows you to leave your louvers open and still slide the panels to the open and closed positions. This gives you full view while also allowing you to operate the panels.
new products triple pass


We have three new valances to enhance the look of our track systems:

  • 5” Crown Valance (Bi-fold and By-pass)
  • 2 1/2” Bi-fold Standard Valance
  • 3 1/2” By-pass Standard Valance
new products track valances