Operation Options with Shutters

There are different types of operating methods for shutters. These operating systems include traditional Tilt Bar, Rear Tilt and the new hidden Gear Tilt system. Traditional tilt bar shutters are the most common style. The louvers are opened or closed using a center tilt bar on the front of the shutters. Shutters with the Rear Tilt system provide a contemporary design style as the tilt bar is affixed to the rear of the system and hidden from view whether the shutters are open or closed. An optional upgrade is the new patented hidden Gear Tilt system that offers the same modern look as rear tilt shutters but provides superior closure and one touch control of the louvers.

This operating system was designed for a streamlined look with a smooth, quiet operation. Benefits of the hidden gear tilt system include reduced depth requirements, improved closure and a contemporary look. This system has the same depth requirements of the traditional Tilt Bar system, making measuring and installation a breeze. The hidden gears on the inside of the shutters streamline operation and make movement smooth and quiet while also offering total uniform closure. The one-touch operation allows you to open and close the louvers with one simple touch. The clean lines complement both classic and modern interior décor. The patented Gear Tilt system by Eclipse Shutters helps reinforce Eclipse Shutters’ position as the most revolutionary name in the custom shutter industry.

The hidden gear tilt system is available in all three louver sizes including 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5” louvers, as well as all three neutral colors (Cotton, Pearl, and Vanilla). We’ve been developing the hidden gear tilt system to answer some of the most common customer concerns around shutters. Shutters aren’t just a décor element, they’re an investment in your home. Offering unparalleled class and distinct design, custom shutters are the preferred choice for homeowners looking for durability while also making a statement with their windows. Reach out to an Eclipse dealer near you to learn more.