Whether you live in a small condo or large estate, there’s always a place in your home for Eclipse Shutters. They help create a clean aesthetic appeal in any space where they are installed and bring out the best design features of a room. Our interior shutters come in neutral colors that are meant to complete and complement traditional or modern design trends. From traditional window coverings to closet and patio doors, Eclipse shutters can be used throughout the home. With a certain track system, they can even be used as floor-to-ceiling room dividers, allowing you to maximize and separate your space.


When considering purchasing shutters, don’t forget about your closet doors. The Eclipse Shutters Bi-Fold track system is commonly used for closet doors and allows the shutters to slide and fold to an open position. If a handle is desired, the Deluxe Divider Rail is the perfect solution for opening and closing shutters used on closet doors. This track system is designed to accommodate window and door openings from 24″ to 192″ wide and 20″ to 120″ high.


Instead of the expensive cost remodeling an entire room to separate a living space, consider an affordable option by installing Eclipse Shutters By-Pass track system as a room divider. This can transform any room into two or more living spaces. This track system allows shutter panels to slide from left and right and also accommodates window and door openings from 24″ to 192″ wide and 20″ to 120″ high.

Adding Eclipse custom shutters to your windows and doors instantly adds a touch of class, and enhances the custom look of your home!

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