Shutter Louver Sizes

Eclipse Shutters will transform an ordinary window into an inspiring highlight of the home. The size of your home and windows, as well as your view, will help you decide which louver size is the best choice for your shutters. Eclipse Shutters are offered in three louver sizes to suit many different interior design styles.

When interior shutters were first introduced as window coverings many years ago, the smallest shutters available featured louvers only 1 ¼ inches wide. As the style of shutters evolved, shutters with wider louvers have become more and more popular. Today, the smallest louvers available are generally between 1 ½ and 2 ½ inches wide and are as large as 4 ½ inches wide. It is strictly personal preference which size will look best in your home.

2 ½ inch Shutters

2 ½ inch louvers are the most traditional size and tend to be the most commonly seen in homes that have traditional décor. shutters with louvers only 2 ½ inches wide are an excellent choice for smaller windows, as well as for doors, closets, and room dividers. Their short louver width provides more privacy when open than some of the wider options, making them just right for an area with lots of walk-by traffic. When the louvers are in the closed position, total light control and complete privacy can be attained.

3 ½ inch Shutters

Shutters with louvers of 3 ½ inches are gaining in popularity as their size offers the traditional look but have a grand feel to them. With the louvers open, visibility is actually 56% greater than the 2 ½ inch shutters, since the opening between louvers is about an inch wider. This type of shutter first became popular on the West Coast, though it now works well across the country in both traditional and contemporary homes. Shutters with louvers of 3 ½ inches wide are the perfect choice for larger windows that open to a beautiful view, but some privacy is also desired. They also work well for doors, closets and room dividers. Their medium width louvers allow for increased visibility and a much clearer view than the smaller 2 ½ inch shutters, though not as open as the wider 4 ½ inch shutters. When the louvers are in the closed position, total light control and complete privacy can be attained.

4 ½ inch Shutters

Our largest size is the 4 ½ inch louver. These shutters make a grand statement in any room and offer a very elegant feel. They are widely used in coastal areas of the country like Charleston, South Carolina and are very popular among the Florida and California coasts.

Shutters with louvers of 4 ½ inches wide are best used with large windows that have a stunning view. They create a visibility that’s 108% greater than the 2 ½ inch shutters. When the shutters are wide open, it’s sometimes hard to remember there’s a shutter in front of you at all, as the view appears very clear. This is, even more, the case when paired with our Clearview® rear tilt bar system. When the louvers are in the closed position, however, total light control and complete privacy can still be attained.