How Shutters Can Complement Your Hardwood Floors

Home remodeling can take a long time — months and sometimes even years. Remodeling your house also takes a lot of research. To make sure you are doing everything right, hiring quality professionals, and using the most up-to-date styles, you must plan beforehand. Luckily, we are here to help.

Hardwood Floors: The Basics

Hardwood flooring has been a favorite home flooring style for centuries. This type of floorboard adds a natural, yet charming feel to your home. Some believe this is because wood flooring helps bring the life of the outside world inside your home with its rustic and woodsy appearance. There are different colors and styles of hardwood floors that create a unique atmosphere for your home. Choose from your favorite wood variety then select the stain and finish options to get the perfect sparkle and sheen.  The type of wood and treatment you choose for your floors will, of course, depend on your interior design preferences. In addition, hardwood floors are durable and easy to maintain, meaning they are a long-term investment. Make sure to take the time to research which floors are best for you and your home. To get the most out of your investment, you need to explore new ways to complement your hardwood floors. What lighting options or window treatments can bring out the best of your new flooring?

Compliments for Your Hardwoods

So, you have your beautiful floors but want to add something else to your home. If you are going for a country or ranch style house, you may want to consider using a farmhouse design. These usually include older and rustic looking furniture and incorporate a healthy dose of white trim on the walls. The farmhouse trend has increased significantly over the past two years and has become a home remodeling favorite. To complement the homey and rustic feel of farmhouse homes, you can add elegant shutters. These shutters provide a charming touch and are the most popular type of shutter across the United States. More homeowners than ever are adding these interior features to give their home an extra touch of beauty and style.

Why Shutters?

Shutters work well in elegant rooms, like dining rooms or bedrooms, but also work well in more casual spaces, like kitchens or dens. Shutters come in three different materials to meet the needs of your home. Economical Polyresin shutters are the most durable and are water resistant, making them perfect for high moisture areas. Composite shutters are the same as Polyresin, except use engineered wood, making them very sturdy. Wood shutters are strong, yet lightweight and can be painted or stained. shutters, like hardwood floors, are long-lasting and most are easy to clean and maintain. Polyresin shutters require the least amount of maintenance. The most popular color for shutters is cotton, a bright white that helps liven up any room. This Southern-inspired style matches well with the white trim farmhouses usually have along their walls.  In addition, shutters come in a variety of sizes, but most popular are 2-1/2 inch, 3-1/2 inch and 4-1/2 inch louvers. They are also offered with a variety of frame styles. This gives you some options when deciding what shutter looks best for your home. The best choice will depend on the size of the window, size of the room, and the outside view. Let a professional help you if you are having trouble deciding which type or size to use.

Hardwood Floors & Shutters

The floor of a room is the foundation of a space. Windows are what let light in and bring life. Your home is where you spend most of your time, where you host family gatherings and where you raise your family. Remodeling your home can be fun, but is often a lot of work and very expensive. If you already have or are planning to buy hardwood floors, invest in shutters as well. shutters are very stylish and popular in home remodeling magazines and interior design showrooms. Now, you can have them installed in your home, too. These window treatments are easy to open and close, which let light in and out as you please, giving your new hardwood floors the shimmer and reflection they deserve. Hardwood floors are nice, but not complete without a full investment in your home’s interior – especially shutters. Regular blinds do help keep your hardwood floors safe from sun damage, your house cool, and your energy bill low. Shutters do all of this in style. Eclipse Shutters, located in Atlanta, has been the top-selling shutter in North America for over 25 years. To find a dealer in your area, please visit our Where to Buy page on