Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Windows & Window Treatments

Spring is here! This means it’s time for Spring cleaning. As you are all aware, the beginning of spring this year means you are also going to be at home a lot more than usual. In the midst of Covid-19, we should all take advantage of this time at home and get a jump start on spring cleaning. A good idea is to start with your windows and window treatments. 

Dust Your Windows

The first step is to dust all of the windows in your house. Dust accumulates rapidly on the window sills, trim, and window treatments. The best tool for this is a microfiber duster. If you have a two story family room, a duster with an adjustable head and telescoping pole attachment is your best option. 

Clean Your Windows

Once you have dusted, it’s time to clean them. You don’t need harsh chemicals or expensive premade sprays. Just mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 quart of water to create a cleaning solution. Add this to an atomizer and spray a small amount on each window pane. Use a lint-free cloth or a microfiber fabric to scrub each pane. Follow this up with a dry cloth to avoid streaks.  

Clean Your Window Treatments

For soft window treatments, consider removing and having them dry cleaned. If you are unsure of how to care for the fabric, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Some treatments that can’t be removed can be vacuumed to remove the dust. For blinds or shades, you can dust them with a soft rag and if needed, vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Shutters are one of the easiest window treatments to clean. Wood shutters can take a bit more time than faux wood shutters to clean as they are porous and require more maintenance. Eclipse Shutters are non-porous and can be wiped down with a soft cloth, and since they will not warp you can use water to clean them.

Enjoy Your View

After you’ve taken the time to clean your windows and window treatments, you will enjoy looking through your windows at the beautiful springtime colors even more! A sense of accomplishment is always a great feeling.