Get a Unique Look by Using Shutters as Doors

The best way to create a unique look for your home is by going against some conventions. You can do this by finding creative uses for commonly used materials and fixtures. For example, you should consider using shutters as doors when remodeling your home.

Shutters as Closet Doors

Homeowners have a tendency to overlook the closet doors of their home when remodeling. In most homes, closet doors are forgotten when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of a room. If you are purchasing shutters, don’t forget to consider installing them on your closets as well for a custom look. By using closet doors equipped with shutters, you’ll streamline the look of any room and add architectural interest where there was none before. Tightly shut louvers will block the closet’s contents from view. Eclipse Shutters offers a Bi-Fold track system is commonly used for closet doors and allows the shutters to slide and fold to an open position. If a handle is desired, the Deluxe Divider Rail is the perfect solution for opening and closing shutters used on closet doors. This track system is designed to accommodate window and door openings from 24″ to 192″ wide and 20″ to 120″ high.


Shutters as Patio Doors

Another way in which you can incorporate shutters into the doors of your home is by installing them to be used as patio doors. For French doors that will lead into a master suit or patio doors that lead to an exterior porch area, shutters are an excellent choice. Eclipse shutters are custom made to solve your particular design needs with a contoured design that will accommodate all of the latest door handles. With a view to the outdoors, keeping the louvers open is a nice option that really opens up a room.

Advantages of Interior Shutters

Besides the aesthetic appeal, there are many advantages of having interior shutters installed in your home. The main advantage is that interior shutters make your home more energy efficient. Eclipse Shutters have pockets of air designed into the louver and frame parts. This construction reduces solar heat gain during the summer months and provides excellent insulation during the winter months, making these shutters extremely energy efficient. Ultraviolet protection reflects the suns strong rays instead of being absorbed into the home. Another advantage is that Eclipse shutters are very easy to care for and require minimal maintenance. Best of all, Eclipse Shutters are resistant to water, so you don’t have to worry about windows and doors located in high humidity areas becoming damaged. Have questions about how to incorporate shutters into your interior design? Contact us today for more information.