What are Divider Rails on Shutters?

Shutters are not one-size-fits-all. Beautiful, custom shutters should fit your space exactly as you want them to, both in style and function. There are dozens of ways to design a single shuttered window treatment; here’s what your friends at Eclipse Shutters want you to know about divider rails.

What is a Shutter Divider Rail?

A divider rail is essentially a fixed rail that divides the top louvers from the bottom louvers. They allow the louvered sections to be operated independently from one another. Divider rails are sometimes referred to as “mid-rails.” Divider rails are required for large shutter panels over 66” in height.

Usually attached somewhere in the middle of a strip of louvers, the divider rail’s exact location can sometimes be specified by you. It’s even possible to have more than one divider installed on a particularly long window to increase functionality. Two divider rails are required for very large shutter panels over 90” in height.

Why Would Someone Want a Divider Rail?

Most people decide to install shutters with divider rails in order to give themselves more privacy options. Similar to double-hung shutters, divided shutters can be opened at the top, for example, to let light in, while remaining closed on the bottom.

Closing the bottom set of divided shutters can also help create “wall” space in a room where window run from floor to ceiling. Some people choose to leave their bottom divided shutters closed at all times, placing furniture (like a sofa) in front of them.

Leaving the top shutters open while keeping the bottom closed when the window open is also a good way to encourage the movement of air throughout a home. Divided shutters are especially popular in areas that get extremely hot.

Eclipse Shutters makes shutters for the way you live. From frames to colors, we offer a wide array of options to ensure your shutters perfectly compliment your space.
Do you have questions about whether divider rails may be right for your windows? Reach out to your friendly Eclipse Shutters representative today.