The Eclipse Arch

It's common knowledge that Eclipse Shutters are the best way to inject a quick dose of sophistication into any room in the house. But what can you do for windows with arches? Just when you thought Eclipse Shutters couldn't get any better, we introduced the Eclipse Arch. Available in five shapes that fit a variety of arch styles, the Eclipse Arch makes it possible to enjoy the simplicity or plantation shutters even on non-traditionally shaped windows.

-  Arch Shapes Available
-  Eclipse Arch Features

Arch Shapes Available - Window Treatment for Arches

A complementary window treatment for arches, plantation shutters are available in the following arch shapes:

-  Half-Circle
-  Eyebrow
-  Tunnel
-  Elliptical
-  Quarter-Circle

Eclipse Arch Features - Plantation Shutters for Arched Windows

Ideal for uniquely shaped arched windows, Eclipse Arches are the perfect way to control the amount of sunlight streaming into your home.

Other features include:

-  Available in 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" louvers
-  Available with both the traditional tilt-bar or the Clearview® style
-  Available in Z, Trim, Deluxe Trim, L and Casing frame styles


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