Track Systems

Eclipse Shutters have more applications than just windows! Eclipse Shutters Track Systems can be used on windows, closets and even to separate living spaces. They are the perfect solution for pantry doors, patio doors, and room dividers

By-Pass Shutter Track System

If you’re interested in using shutters as a room divider or to separate living spaces, the By-Pass Shutter Track System will fit your needs. This system allows shutter panels to slide from left and right. By-Pass Shutter Systems from Eclipse Shutters also accommodate window and door openings from 24” to 192” wide and 20” to 120” high.

We have two new configurations for our By-Pass Track System.

  • The New Triple By-Pass Track System can accommodate multiple panels within three tracks allowing for wider viewing areas.
  • The New Open By-Pass Track System allows you to leave your louvers open and still slide the panels to the open and closed positions. This gives you full view while also allowing you to operate the panels.

Bi-Fold Shutter Track System

The Bi-Fold shutter track system is commonly used for patio doors and closet doors, though can also be an option for large windows since it allows the shutters to slide and fold open. Bi-folding shutter systems are designed to accommodate window and door openings from 24” to 192” wide and 20” to 120” high.

Please check out our gallery to see stunning room photography that features Bi-Fold and By-Pass Track Systems.

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Looking for Measuring & Install Instructions?

Eclipse provides measuring and install instructions for the most common  shutter configurations.