10 Design Tips for a Chic Nursery

As with all other rooms in your house, the baby nursery is always expected to be chic. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so make sure you design it for both you and baby. To start you off, here are 10 design tips to help you achieve a sophisticated, yet functional nursery:

  1. Choose a color scheme.
    Before starting on any decorations for your nursery, it is always important to choose your color scheme first. This will make it easier to put together your nursery in style. What colors do you want as your main colors? Give your nursery a designer look by having splashes of bold colors that contrast beautifully with your main colors. Be it in a rug or rocking chair, nothing says chic like a well-thought-out color scheme.
  2. Get creative with a fun wallpaper full of patterns.
    Due to the major increase of sophisticated forms of home décor, wallpaper is now available in a variety of patterns, colors and textures. Choose a fun pattern for your nursery as a great way to add some depth to your style and cover up the boring white walls.
  3. Add an overhead light.
    Nothing ruins good décor like bad lighting. Try out a unique overhead light piece for a sophisticated look for your nursery. This should also be placed strategically to light up the nursery at the right angle and showcase your beautiful colors without being too bright for baby.
  4. Bring in an element of playfulness with an oversized stuffed animal.
    Keep the room casual and playful with an oversized stuffed animal. Not only will your child love it but it’s a great way to draw attention to the room.
  5. Use fun letters and words as wall art.
    Fun letters and words look beautiful when placed in a nursery. Not only are they great to help your child learn, but also look amazing as wall art. Check out Pinterest for DIY ideas or buy from kitschy sites like Etsy.
  6. Give horizontal stripes a try.
    You can never go wrong when it comes to decorating with horizontal stripes. They add a playful atmosphere to any dull space. Consider mixing it up with different pops of bold color and watch as your nursery transforms.
  7. Highlight one wall that will serve as an accent wall.
    You need not break the bank creating an accent wall in your nursery. Choose one wall to highlight and use playful colors or wallpaper art to create your own accent wall. Accent walls are a fun addition to the room, as they create uniqueness to your nursery design.
  8. Get a chic, soft rug.
    Choose a rug that is both beautiful and functional. Choose a rug that will be soft enough for baby but not so delicate that it can’t be walked on or cleaned easily.
  9. Accessorize the room with cute baby clothes.
    This is a great way to have your nursery looking cute all day every day. Make use of the baby clothes and hang them strategically at one place in your nursery.
  10. Choose your window treatments wisely.
    When considering window treatments for a nursery, safety and being easy to clean should be top priorities. shutters are the best option for a nursery as they are child-safe, and they can be easily cleaned to keep dirt and dust out of the room.

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