Keeping Your Eclipse Shutters Looking Like New

Custom Eclipse Shutters are an elegant addition to any home. Their stylish appearance and ease of maintenance have made them a popular decorating choice for years. A light periodic cleaning will keep these shutters looking as good as the day they were installed. Eclipse Shutters carry a 25-year warranty, the longest warranty in the window covering industry. 

The frequency of cleaning will depend on the home environment. Dust will eventually accumulate on the surfaces. A light dusting may be all that is necessary to keep the shutters looking their best. For removing heavy dust, the shutters can be vacuumed using a soft brush attachment. This will trap the dust particles and keep them from floating back onto the surface. The louvers can easily be tilted so all surfaces can be reached. A dry cloth can be used to make sure the shutters are thoroughly clean. Eclipse Shutters have a unique UltraSatin™ Finish in three neutral colors to give their products the look of freshly painted wood without the upkeep of wood. The finish will never crack, peel, fade, or yellow like painted surfaces. Eclipse Shutters will never need to be repainted or refinished.

Because Eclipse Shutters are not constructed with wood products, they can be safely wiped with a damp cloth. This makes them the perfect choice for water-prone and high humidity areas including kitchens and bathrooms. Their non-porous, waterproof surface will not rot, warp, or mildew. They are also listed on the GREENGUARD® website for microbial resistance.

Since Eclipse Shutters are GREENGUARD® Gold Certified for use in sensitive environments, you can be comfortable knowing that cleaning them only requires light dusting or mild soap and water – no harsh chemicals, lemon oil or furniture polish needs to be used. They emit low VOCs, making them an appropriate choice for use in baby nurseries, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.

If you have a busy lifestyle and a low maintenance window covering is a necessity, Eclipse Shutters are the best choice for you and your family!

Shutters for Different Design Styles

Shutters are the perfect complement to traditional and contemporary design styles. They add a stylish touch to any home and are a versatile window treatment choice for today’s homeowners. Eclipse Shutters last years longer than some other types of window coverings, meaning they will still be a design asset even if the homeowner’s decorating tastes change.

Eclipse Shutters offers three louver sizes to suit all design styles. The 2½ inch louvers are commonly used in homes with traditional décor. This size is appropriate for small and medium windows and offers a greater degree of privacy than the wider louvers. The 3½ inch and 4½ inch louvers offer a more contemporary look for homes with large windows or high ceilings. When the louvers are open, lots of natural light comes in and outside views are enhanced.

Eclipse Shutters offers two operating systems: Clearview® hidden rear tilt and the traditional Tilt Bar. Both achieve universal closure of the louvers. The Clearview hidden rear tilt bar is mounted on the back of the shutter allows the louvers to fully open all at once, but does not obstruct the view. The traditional Tilt Bar operating system has a center tilt bar that opens or closes the shutters all at once. Bi-fold shutters, and by-pass shutters can also be used on closet and patio doors. Eclipse shutters are made to order, so they are an excellent choice for the custom bay windows or bow windows often found in traditional style homes. Custom shutters in eleven shapes are available for use on arched, semi-circle, quarter circle, curved, and other specialty windows.

Shutters can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, depending on style preference. Six decorative frame options are available for Eclipse Shutters ranging from minimal to decorative. There are also options for the french doors in your home as well.

Eclipse Shutters are made in three neutral colors: vanilla, pearl, and cotton. These colors will work with any interior paint or upholstery colors. The UltraSatin™ finish gives the appearance of real wood without the maintenance. These custom shutters will never warp, fade, or yellow and will never need to be refinished.

The 25-year warranty on Eclipse Shutters makes them a wise investment for homeowners. The long life expectancy of shutters compared to blinds or draperies makes them a cost effective decorating choice.

Fitting Custom Windows with Eclipse Custom Shutters

Eclipse custom-made shutters are the perfect window treatment for your home! They are a stylish and classic decorating choice that works well with both traditional and contemporary styles. Shutters provide an upscale look while also providing privacy, light control, and energy efficiency for the homeowner. 

All Eclipse Shutters are custom designed to fit each specific window or door. They can be made in eleven specialty shapes to fit arches, quarter circles, half circles, hexagons, octagons, and a variety of angles and curves. Bi-fold and By-pass shutters are a practical solution for French doors, patio doors, closets, and room dividers. Seven decorative frame options allow the shutters to be mounted inside or outside the window frame. Hinges are available in stainless steel, brass, and the Eclipse specialty colors cotton and pearl.

Louver size is a matter of personal preference. Eclipse manufactures shutter louvers in three sizes: 2.5 inch, 3.5 inch, and 4.5 inch. The most popular is the 3.5 inch louver. For a clean and modern look, try the Eclipse UltraClearview® hidden rear tilt system that has the tilt bar placed on the back of the shutter. Placing a traditional tilt bar on the front of the shutter creates a classic shutter look. Both tilt bar options allow the shutters to be adjusted for optimal light control and privacy. Bi-fold shutters and by-pass shutters can also be opened to let even more light into the room.

To enhance any décor, Eclipse Shutters are available in three neutral colors: cotton, pearl, and vanilla. The UltraSatin finish gives Eclipse Shutters the look of painted wood without the maintenance issues associated with wood. These colors will never fade, yellow, crack, or peel, so the shutters will look great for years. Eclipse Shutters is proud to offer an unconditional 25-year guarantee, the longest manufacturers’ warranty in the industry.

Wood or Faux Wood?

For many years, wood was the standard material used in the construction of shutters. These traditional shutters gave a classic elegance to the home. They offered light control and privacy and could be painted to match the home’s décor or existing trim color. However, wood shutters were not without their drawbacks. They were not always the best window treatment choice for every room. In addition, homeowners found that wood shutters were not maintenance free. They required refinishing or repainting every few years. In recent years, faux wood shutters have gained popularity with consumers. Shutters constructed from lightweight yet durable materials can provide the timeless beauty and look of traditional painted wood shutters, but with some distinct advantages. 

shutters made from wood can warp and crack if exposed to high levels of moisture. Manufacturers and decorators often did not recommend them for kitchens and bathrooms. The advantage of some faux wood shutters is that they are made from non-porous materials that will resist moisture, mold, and mildew. These types of shutters are the perfect choice for high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Painted wood shutters may fade, yellow, chip, and peel over time. The surfaces may need to be scraped and sanded before refinishing can occur. Some of today’s faux wood shutters have special finishes that will not yellow, and will never need to be repainted or refinished. In addition, many of these polyresin materials are extremely durable, fire retardant, more energy efficient, and provide UV protection for the home’s furnishings.

Depending on the quality of the manufacturing process and the materials used,  shutters can last for many years with proper maintenance. Homeowners should definitely consider the manufacturer’s warranty on shutters before making a purchase.

4 Benefits of Shutters

In today’s economy, many homeowners want to be sure that the window coverings they choose not only make a statement but also have value. When it comes to other window treatment options, shutters are superior. Their long life means that homeowners get added resale value for their home. Check out this infographic to explore additional advantages of installing shutters.

Energy Efficiency

Having shutters installed in your home can easily help save money long term. Less heat coming into the home means lower air-conditioning costs while less heat escaping from the home means lower heating costs.

Easy to Care For

Due to their material, Eclipse Shutters are incredibly easy to clean and care for. When necessary, simply wet a soft cloth with water and wipe the shutter panels until they are free from dust.

Light Control

Shutters give you ultimate control over light and privacy in your home. The tilt-bar allows the louvered shutters to be adjusted for everything from an open view to total privacy.

Fit Any Window Frame

All Eclipse shutters are precisely measured and custom-made to fit any window in your home. Eclipse also offers eleven specialty shapes that fit a variety of non-traditionally shaped windows.

Factors to Consider for Your Next Decorating Project

Are custom shutters the right decorating choice for your next home project? Shutters are a stylish option that can make a statement in any room. They are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and outlast many other types of window treatments. Here are some practical factors to consider when looking at custom shutters for your home. 

Custom shutters are designed for each specific window. They can also be made in specialty shapes to fit arches, curves, angles, quarter circles, hexagons, octagons, and other oddly shaped windows. Shutters are even a great option for French doors, offering privacy and light control. Decorative frame options allow the shutters to be mounted inside or outside the window casing, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Louver size is a matter of personal style. Popular sizes range from 2.5 to 4.5 inches. A tilt bar allows the shutters to be adjusted for optimal light control. A traditional tilt bar on the front of the shutter creates a classic look. For a clean and modern look, homeowners may choose a tilt system that is hidden on the back of the shutter. Bi-fold shutters offer even greater light control because they can be folded back.

Shutters offer energy efficiency in summer and winter. Louvers in the closed position block heat and sunlight during hot weather. Homeowners will save on their cooling bills when air conditioning units can work more efficiently. In colder weather, closed louvers keep the heat inside and the drafts out. On sunny winter days, opening the louvers on south facing windows will let the sun help warm up a room.

Consider the easy maintenance of shutters that are not manufactured with wood products. They resist water damage in kitchens and bathrooms, will not warp or chip, and won’t have to be repainted over the years. Their nonporous material makes them mold and mildew resistant. These shutters are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Custom shutters give a sophisticated and elegant look to any home. They remain one of the most popular decorating choices for today’s homeowners.