Alternative Uses for Your Shutters

Shutters add elegance and value to any home. They are beautiful and easy to maintain. They also help save energy by keeping the outside temperature from entering your home. Most people picture them on windows, but they are more than window treatments. They can be used throughout your home to bring a unique, sophisticated look to any room. Shutters Can Complement Sliding Glass or French Doors Faux shutters are a perfect addition to doorways leading to a patio. They’re a stylish alternative to the draperies and vertical blinds that most people use. They can close to provide privacy or stay open to let in the sun. Since they’re easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about them getting a lot of use as your family goes in and out of the house. They’re waterproof, UV protective and non-porous, so they will stand to the kind of use that your patio doors likely get, particularly in the summer. You can choose a by-pass, bi-fold or standard hinge track system depending on how you want them to open. If you have French doors either leading outside or between rooms, shutters provide an elegant complement to them while also providing privacy. You can match them to your shutter window treatments for an upscale, cohesive look. Shutters for Closet Doors Shutters have become a popular alternative to traditional closet doors. They add a clean, elegant look to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways or wherever your closets are. shutter doors provide just as much privacy for your clothes or other belongings as traditional closet doors when the louvers are closed. You can choose from by-pass, bi-fold or standard hinge track systems to fit your needs. shutters are often used for closet doors in some of the finest hotels. Shutter Room Dividers Break up Your Living Space If you want to create two rooms out of one, there’s no better, more stylish way than floor-to-ceiling shutters. They are a beautiful, practical way to break up your kitchen and dining areas, separate out part of your basement as a playroom, or create a private dressing area within your bedroom. As with shutter doors, you can choose the track system you prefer for your dividers. You can keep the shutters and louvers open or closed or a range of privacy options. You may choose to coordinate them with your shutter window and or/door treatments or go for a different style. Why Choose Eclipse Shutters? We know that there are a lot of places where you can buy shutters. However, we believe that our custom interior shutters are superior both in appearance and durability. That’s why our shutters come with a 25-year warranty – the best in the industry. While we are proudly based in Atlanta, our shutters are sold by dealers all over the country. To find a dealer in your area, simply complete our brief online form to begin the process of transforming your home