Balance Between Privacy and Light in Your Bathroom with Interior Shutters

When windows are present in a bathroom, privacy becomes much more of an issue than in some other rooms of the house. While privacy is paramount, it is important to never go overboard. The goal is to strike a balance between privacy, light and decor. Keep in mind that natural light is also a major plus for small bathrooms in particular, as it makes the space appear larger and less restricted. The need for full control over how much light is allowed into the space (as well as the degree of privacy) means some window treatments are automatically better suited for the job than others. Shades, shutters and blinds are usually the best choice for the bathroom. Our interior faux wood shutters can be custom-fit, look stunning and give you the option to install the treatment on the lower sash only. Since Eclipse Shutters can custom-manufacture shutters to fit any window size and shape (extremely beneficial for smaller and/or irregularly shaped bathroom windows), you never have to worry about compromising on privacy. The “one sash only” option that we offer on interior faux shutters is guaranteed to keep your bathroom activities private while letting in the most natural light possible. Practicality aside, you will not find a better-looking product than shutters on the market. They look amazing, are highly energy-efficient and are very easy to clean and maintain. Contact us today to learn more about striking the perfect balance between form and function in your bathroom with our custom interior shutters.