Be Green! Energy Benefits of Shutters

Most people choose shutters for their window coverings because they add style to any room. Quality faux wood shutters also improve the resale value of your home because they are built to last and remain beautiful with minimal care. To add to their value, faux shutters also have the the added advantage of being energy efficient.

How Do Shutters Reduce Your Utility Bills?

Indoor shutters help keep the heat and cold outside, so they lower energy bills and your carbon footprint while helping your home or other interior space stay at a comfortable temperature. When closed, they also keep out the harsh rays of the sun that not only heat your home but can damage your furniture, rugs, art and other valuables. Whether you live in an area that gets scorching hot temperatures during the summer or freezing cold ones in the winters (or both!), shutters can reduce the impact of those extremes on your utility bills. Moreover, because these shutters have adjustable louvers, they are perfect for controlling the inside temperatures during the more moderate seasons.

How Do Eclipse Shutters Help Control Indoor Temperatures?

Homes and other buildings can actually lose as much as half of the energy used to heat and cool them due to poorly-insulated windows and doors. That means the air conditioner or heater has to use that much more energy just to reach the desired temperature. Not only do hot and cold air get out, but they come in from the outside — along with other outside elements like wind and humidity. Eclipse Shutters act as an additional barrier when in the closed position, providing an additional layer of insulation. They reflect solar radiation back outside instead of allowing it to heat up the room. Of course, if you want to let in sunshine and heat during the spring and fall months instead of turning on the air conditioning, you can open the louvers to take advantage of the sun’s heat (and the outside view!)

Shutters Provide Added Insulation to Sliding Glass and French Doors

As you can see by some of the photos in our Gallery, shutters make an elegant addition to French and sliding glass doors. However, they also keep out the air and drafts that move in and out of the room through gaps in the insulation on these doors. Summer is here to stay! Why let the high temperatures send your electricity bills through the roof? Contact us today to find the Eclipse Shutters dealer closest to you.