Best Window Coverings for a Lower Energy Bill This Summer

Perfect Sun Blockers

While we all love the summer sun when we’re outside, when it steams through our windows into our homes, it heats things up. This can make your home feel like a greenhouse, and your air conditioning unit is forced to struggle to keep up with the rising temperatures.  You can help to reduce your AC’s load by keeping the sun’s light from entering. Closed interior shutters help to physically block the light, and their light color even bounces the incoming light back out the window.

Easy to Ventilate

During more temperate summer nights, shutters make it easy to turn off the AC altogether. You can open up the windows and let the cooler night air come in to your home without losing privacy. Simply open the louvers of your shutters enough to allow for air flow, but not enough for someone to peek through, to let the soft breezes in for an AC-free cool.