interior window shutters

  • Alternative Uses for Your Shutters

    Shutters add elegance and value to any home. They are beautiful and easy to maintain. They also help save energy by keeping the outside temperature from entering your home. Most people picture them on windows, but they are more than window treatments. They can be used throughout your home to bring a unique, sophisticated look to any room. Shutters Can Complement Sliding Glass or French Doors Faux shutters are a perfect addition to doorways leading to a patio. They’re a stylish alternative to the draperies and vertical blinds that most people use. They can close to provide privacy or stay open to let in the sun. Since they’re easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about them getting a lot of use as your family goes in and out of the house. They’re waterproof, UV protective and non-porous, so they will stand to the kind of use that your patio doors likely get, particularly in the summer. You can choose a by-pass, bi-fold or standard hinge track system depending on how you want them to open. If you have French doors either leading outside or between rooms, shutters provide an elegant complement to them while also providing privacy. You can match them to your shutter window treatments for an upscale, cohesive look. Shutters for Closet Doors Shutters have become a popular alternative to traditional closet doors. They add a clean, elegant look to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways or wherever your closets are. shutter doors provide just as much privacy for your clothes or other belongings as traditional closet doors when the louvers are closed. You can choose from by-pass, bi-fold or standard hinge track systems to fit your needs. shutters are often used for closet doors in some of the finest hotels. Shutter Room Dividers Break up Your Living Space If you want to create two rooms out of one, there’s no better, more stylish way than floor-to-ceiling shutters. They are a beautiful, practical way to break up your kitchen and dining areas, separate out part of your basement as a playroom, or create a private dressing area within your bedroom. As with shutter doors, you can choose the track system you prefer for your dividers. You can keep the shutters and louvers open or closed or a range of privacy options. You may choose to coordinate them with your shutter window and or/door treatments or go for a different style. Why Choose Eclipse Shutters? We know that there are a lot of places where you can buy shutters. However, we believe that our custom interior shutters are superior both in appearance and durability. That’s why our shutters come with a 25-year warranty - the best in the industry. While we are proudly based in Atlanta, our shutters are sold by dealers all over the country. To find a dealer in your area, simply complete our brief online form to begin the process of transforming your home
  • Benefits of Installing Shutters in Your Home

    Homeowners today do not lack for options when it comes to window treatments for their home. Installing shutters, sometimes also referred to as interior shutters for windows, is an excellent modern window treatment option that has four key benefits.


    Once you see how shutters transform a room, it’s difficult not to fall under their spell. Classic and elegant, they are compatible with a wide range of design styles. They help create a clean aesthetic appeal in any space where they are installed and bring out the best design features of any room. Our interior shutters come in neutral colors that are meant to complete and complement traditional or modern design trends. Additionally, we have shutters that are shaped to conform to a variety of window styles that are difficult to fit, such as arched windows, ellipticals, hexagons, full rakes, etc. As a design element, you will find our interior shutters to be versatile and functional at the same time.


    Our shutters come with a 25-year warranty, the most extensive product warranty in the industry. Additionally, UV resistance ensures that the color will not fade over time. Their non-porous surface makes them the perfect solution for high-moisture areas of the home as they will not warp or crack. All products from Eclipse Shutters are built to last and designed for both style and function to give you many years of use and enjoyment. 


    Interior shutters are excellent insulators. They prevent cool air from escaping during hot summer months and help keep a room warm and toasty during colder weather. This saves you money in two ways. First, your HVAC system will not be overworked to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. Second, it ends up using less energy to cool or heat your home. This not only prolongs the life of the heating and cooling system in your house, it also translates to lower monthly energy bills for you.

    Increased Home Value

    Some states consider the installation of interior shutters a capital home improvement. This may mean potential tax savings when it comes time to sell your home, so be sure to keep your receipt. Eclipse Shutters is a shutter manufacturer that you can trust. When you’re ready to install high-quality indoor shutters in your home, call us. Our products are crafted and designed to please even the most discerning homeowner.
  • Benefits of Shutters in the Winter

    With temperatures in the area slowly inching their way downward, it’s time to make sure your house is well-sealed for the winter. Aside from caulking, weather-stripping and adding insulation, perhaps it’s time to consider a more appealing way to keep your house cozy and toasty for the coming cold season. Installing plantation interior shutters in your home is an effective and eye-catching way to ward off the winter chill.


    Our interior shutters for windows are designed to eliminate solar heat gain in the summer and provide efficient insulation during winter. We achieve this by building pockets of air into the louvers and frame parts of all our plantation shutters. Indoor heated or cooled air is prevented from escaping your house, while exterior hot or cold air is blocked from penetrating your home. Your HVAC system ends up using less energy to maintain your desired temperature inside your house. This results in a safe and comfortable indoor home environment for you and your family as well as lower utility bills for you to pay each month.


    If you’re like many Georgia homeowners, you spend more time indoors during winter. With plantation shutters, it’s easy to keep prying eyes from invading your privacy. The easy-to-use tilt bar gives you complete control over your privacy. If you angle it just right, you can get a clear view of your immediate exterior environment without being visible from passers-by outside.

    Easy To Clean

    The last thing you want to do in the winter is worry about your window treatments. With the holidays coming up, you will likely be hosting relatives and friends over for parties or attending quite a few yourself over the season. Our interior shutters are a breeze to keep clean. No need to take them down, haul them to the cleaners and put them up again afterward. A soft cloth and a light wiping down is all you need to keep your plantation shutters clean for winter or any time of the year. Custom interior shutters beautify your home and increase your enjoyment of your private indoor space. With top-quality plantation shutters from Eclipse Shutters, you will also protect the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential home buyers should you decide to sell your house in the future. Don’t just settle for ordinary interior shutters from some unknown shutter company. Here at Eclipse Shutters, we offer a 25-year warranty on all our products. Our commitment to quality is your best guarantee of a superior product for your home.
  • Best Window Treatments for the Bedroom

    If your bedroom is long overdue for a makeover, don't just buy a new comforter set, splash a few gallons of paint on the walls or splurge on high-end furniture. Your trusted plantation shutters dealer urges you to pay attention to the windows too. The windows are where function and form meet, making them a focal point of every room in your house. The amount of natural light flowing into a space can dramatically alter its feel and flow, not to mention increase privacy and make for a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. If there is one thing we cannot stress enough, it is to choose your window treatments wisely. With more than enough styles, designs and colors to consider, let this guide help you make the perfect investment for your bedroom upgrade.

    The Top Bedroom Window Treatments

    Silk drapes are one of the most luxurious add-ons you can give your bedroom. Dress the space in style by selecting from a diverse array of upgrades for your silk drapers: crystals, pleats, tassels, buttons and beads. Silk speaks pure elegance and will always be at the top of the list as far as window treatments are concerned. The material is soft and durable yet transparent enough to let in just the right amount of natural light. Next up are the sheer/opaque drapery combinations. The former remain open during the daytime hours to keep the room well lit, while the latter are used to block light and noise at night. Pleats have made a dramatic comeback, and one of the most popular styles for 2014 is the floor-to-ceiling design. Feel free to choose a gathered or traverse rod, and mix and match bold color schemes for a subtle yet striking theme. For homeowners who wish to give their bedroom windows a touch of dimension and create a softer feel, layered window treatments patterns are hard to pass up. With the right design, you can easily create a focal point. Last but certainly not least, Eclipse Shutters carries a large selection of Atlanta plantation shutters. Our faux wood shutters are custom designed to mesh seamlessly with your bedroom theme.
  • Customize Your Home with New UltraSatin Finish Shutters

    Every home deserves to look its best — not for attention-grabbing purposes or to be the neighborhood-coveted property, but simply because of the pride and feel-good effects a well-established living space can generate. Being a homeowner is a blessing and a major accomplishment, so it only makes sense to want yours to look its finest at all times.

    Spruce Up Your Home with Plantation Shutters

    If you are looking to spruce up your home with plantation shutters, consider the many features and benefits of Eclipse Shutters. Eclipse Shutters is proud to announce our all-new UltraSatin Finish interior shutters. Are you seeking elegant and timeless window treatments that stand out and command your attention when you walk through the door? If so, you will definitely want to consider upgrading to these stylish plantation shutters. UltraSatin finish technology is revolutionizing the way interior plantation shutters are designed as this material matches the look of paint without the high maintenance of wood. The benefits do not stop here, however. Believe us when we say the demand for this window treatment product is going to increase by leaps and bounds, and here is why. Premium painted plantation shutters look amazing, but like any painted surface, they are subject to fading, chipping, cracking, warping and need to be repainted every few years. Homeowners traditionally have had to deal with this trade-off if they wanted top-of-the-line window coverings, but not anymore. Ultra Satin finish offers the best of both worlds, for once treated, your interior Polyresin shutters will not require refinishing for up to 25 years. What's more, the UltraSatin finish material is moisture resistant, meaning your interior shutters can safely be installed in bathrooms and kitchens without fear of moisture damage. They will also be microbial- and fungi-resistant, a definite advantage for homes that contain high levels of humidity. There are currently three neutral color options available for the finish: cotton, pearl, and vanilla. Each looks stunning in its own right and they are ideal for creating a soothing, relaxing living space.
  • Making a New House Feel Like Home

    Congratulations, you have just finalized the most important investment of your life. You are a homeowner and are more than eager to start decorating to make the space your own. No matter if you live in a two-story Victorian or a single-story Bungalow, this part of home ownership is arguably the most exciting and stressful. You probably have a million questions running through your mind and are unsure of what step to take first, but patience and planning are the keys to decoration success.

    Design the House You Want To Come Home To

    Take your time and work on one room or project at a time. Tackling the seemingly massive task at hand is easier when you do so in a logistical manner. At this point, you may or may not have a sizable amount of funds lying around (hopefully you allocated a portion of your budget for design and decoration), so if money is tight, stick to the basics. Window treatments are an inexpensive necessity, so this is a probably a good place to begin. You can either mix and match window treatments or maintain a uniform look throughout the entire house. You will want to choose a product that matches your desired design theme and also safeguards your privacy. Blinds, interior shutters, curtains, and drapes are all potential material choices, and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of subsets in each category. We did say the decoration phase is challenging, but with a little help, you should have no problem turning your current, blank slate of a house into your long-awaited dream home! The great thing about interior plantation shutters is that they complement .every housing style. Although they were originally created for use on Southern plantations to promote lighting and airflow during the sweltering summer months, these window treatments have since expanded to include a vast array of styles. Regardless of where you live, plantation shutters are a solid window covering option. Do your best to picture your new place as a fresh canvas, one waiting to be painted with your personal style and flavor. When viewed in this light, the decorating phase is so much more exciting. You will be amazed at the transformative effects a new set of interior shutters can provide, so get busy shopping!
  • Shutters Let Sunlight In

    Nothing compares to the beauty of natural light. The invention of the incandescent light bulb revolutionized the way society operates, allowing people to work longer hours. There is no mistaking the benefits offered by contemporary lighting, but it's important to remember the warmth and illumination of natural sunlight.

    Let There Be Light

    While new lighting technology has been optimized for energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, the free light from the Sun will always be the cheapest! And although fluorescent bulbs are one of the brightest forms of artificial lighting, they are too hard on the eyes and can throw off the design and feel of a space.
    To take advantage of the benefits provided by the Sun, we strongly advise you to invest in a set of shutters. Choosing the right window treatments can be a daunting challenge, but if your goal is to maximize the amount of available sunlight, you will be hard-pressed to find a more effective alternative. Many studies have demonstrated the dangers of excess exposure to sunlight, however, it is worth noting that underexposure is just as, if not more, hazardous. Since the dawn of time, humans have needed the rejuvenating effects of sunlight. Have you ever noticed how energized and in a better mood you feel when you go outside, or how people who work night shifts tend to suffer from sleep problems, depression and other ailments? This is why we stress the importance of proper window treatment installations. Interior shutters feature louvers that can be fully opened for superior light control. They are functional and versatile when it comes to lighting spaces naturally. With a simple movement of the tilt bar or the louvers, you can precisely adjust how much sunlight is entering the room. This has a dramatic effect on its atmosphere and mood. Let more natural sunlight in with shutters!
  • Take in All that Summer Has to Offer -- Install Shutters

    No matter what part of the country you live in, the warm summer months bring sunshine, flowers in full bloom and warm breezes. What better time to invest in shutters? They allow you to take all of this in from the comfort of your home or office.

    Why Are Shutters Better than Other Window Coverings?

    Custom indoor shutters are made with wider louvers thus provide a better view than traditional window coverings. When fully open, they provide a virtually-unobstructed view of the outdoors as well as lighten and brighten the room. However, when fully closed, they allow for complete privacy. Of course, quality faux wood shutters have a multitude of other benefits. They increase the value of your home, help save on energy costs, are durable and easy to care for and add classic style to any room. However, a big part of the reason they are increasingly chosen over traditional window coverings is that they can provide a nearly-unobstructed view of the outdoors or complete privacy.

    Choose from a Variety of Options

    At Eclipse Shutters, we offer custom-made indoor shutters with multiple design options that allow you to choose how you open and close them and exactly how much.
    • We offer louver sizes in 2 ½, 3 ½ and 4 ½ inches wide and both a standard and bi-fold configuration.
    • Some people opt for a horizontal divider rail. This is a popular choice for bathrooms and other areas where you may want to leave the bottom shutters closed for privacy, but have the top ones open to let light in.
    • Shutters are a popular choice to complement sliding glass doors because they can be opened along with the door to provide easy access to your pool and patio areas.

    Reduce your Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint as the Seasons Change

    As summer sets in, shutters can help keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature. In the closed position, Eclipse Shutters reflect solar heat gain so you can delay having to turn on the air conditioning. That’s because our shutters' cellular construction provides an additional barrier to keep out the sun’s rays and hot air that can seep into your home. Eclipse Shutters has knowledgeable, experienced dealers throughout the country who can answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect shutters for your needs. Just complete our short online form to find the dealer nearest to you.
  • The Different Kinds of Shutters

    With their increasing popularity among homeowners, interior shutters made from varying materials are readily available on the market today. If you’ve always wanted to have shutters installed in your home but are not quite sure which material is best suited for your house, read on. You will find a brief description of the different types of interior shutters available today.


    Made from a variety of hardwoods such as Alder or Cedar, hardwood interior shutters are aesthetically appealing and incredibly durable. Their natural elegance and beauty accommodate different design styles. Hardwood shutters need special care, however, in order to maintain their good looks. Homeowners should only use cleaners that are specifically formulated for wood products. Keep in mind that wood contracts and expands with the rise and fall of the temperature. It should probably not be your first choice if you live in a place that experiences a wide range of extreme temperature changes. Additionally, hardwood interior shutters can be expensive. Homeowners who are watching their decorating dollars carefully will be better off considering interior shutters made from other materials.


    A soft and light wood, basswood is a popular material for wood products. It has a light and appealing grain, is easily stained and can be painted in virtually any color. These characteristics make basswood a popular choice for shutters. One drawback to this material is its weak weather resistance — it fades easily under the glare of constant sunlight. As it is a softer type of wood, it is also more susceptible to damage than hardwood shutters. Although it generally costs less than interior shutters made from hardwood, basswood shutters are still a relatively expensive option.


    Many homeowners and interior designers are turning to interior polyresin shutters as an affordable alternative to basswood and hardwood. They don’t shrink or expand with fluctuating temperatures, and they aren't prone to fading or cracking. Interior polyresin shutters are also water-resistant, making them the ideal choice for high-moisture areas in the home such as bathrooms and kitchens. Although they do come in a limited array of hues, polyresin interior shutters nevertheless complete and complement a wide range of interior design styles. Consider Eclipse Shutters when you’re ready to have interior shutters installed in your home. As a dependable and trustworthy shutter manufacturer, we back our products with a 25-year warranty. This ensures you will get not only many years of use from our products, but also a beautiful and elegant interior environment that will stand the test of time.
  • Tips to Reduce Energy Costs

    There are several ways to decrease your energy footprint and reduce your monthly utility bill at the same time. Just by starting with the windows and doors in your home, you will be amazed at how much you can save both in terms of energy and money. You can install energy-efficient plantation shutters in your home and feel good knowing you are saving money while also enhancing your décor.


    Make sure your windows are properly sealed to prevent hot air from coming in during the hot summer months and to keep cold air out in the winter. Caulking and weather-stripping your windows go a long way to keep outside weather from affecting your indoor environment. It may also be time to consider replacing your old windows with a more energy-efficient type. The right windows for your home will depend on the construction and orientation of your house. Before you decide on the ideal windows for your home, you need to understand the energy performance ratings of windows. You can read up on this topic online or have a window professional explain it to you.


    Energy-efficient doors help maintain a constant indoor environment that is comfortable and safe while using less energy to do so. They also help block out outdoor sounds and noises. You will have a quieter and more peaceful home environment that will be a joy to come home to at the end of each day.

    Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

    Interior plantation shutters can further prevent the weather from altering the ideal living conditions inside your house. Our plantation shutters are UV-resistant, and they are quite efficient in blocking out the harmful rays from the sun. This will keep your home comfortable and safe throughout the year. In addition to being efficient, interior shutters are also attractive. Their classic elegance appeals to many homeowners. Designers often recommend plantation shutters to their clients because of their timeless beauty, durability and amazing versatility. Interior plantation shutters complement a variety of home décor styles. With all the options listed above, you will find that the upfront cost will quickly be offset by lower monthly utility bills. These upgrades will eventually pay for themselves in the long run, plus you end up with a safer, more comfortable and better-looking house. When you’re ready to have top-quality interior shutters installed in your home, call us. We are a plantation shutter manufacturer that you can trust.
  • What Are Shutters?

    An elegant alternative to blinds and draperies, interior shutters are the window treatment of choice for discriminating homeowners. What are they, how do they differ from blinds and what are their advantages? Read on to find the answers below.

    A Definition

    Shutters are a type of window treatment consisting of wood or faux wood louvers mounted in a solid frame. The louvers are manipulated by a tilt rod hidden at the back or in the middle of the shutter. 

    Shutters Vs. Blinds

    While they do share similar characteristics, interior shutters are worlds apart from blinds. Blinds can be manipulated to control the amount of light and air coming into a room just like shutters, but they offer little in terms of insulation because of the material that they are made of. Our high-quality interior shutters are durable and built to deliver maximum energy savings. Their construction reflects intense heat out of the window during the summer and keeps warm air inside during the winter. This can lead to lower utility bills each month, leaving more money in your pocket.

    The Advantages

    Interior shutters are easy to maintain. A regular wiping down with a damp soft cloth is all that is typically needed to keep your shutters looking new. shutters also give homeowners near-absolute control over privacy and air flow. Additionally, their classic design complements a variety of home decor, making them a favorite design element of both interior designers and homeowners. Eclipse Shutters is a shutter manufacturer that you can trust to deliver products that will enhance the beauty of your home. We are so confident that you will use and enjoy our products in your home for many years that they come with a 25-year warranty. This is all part of our commitment to quality and to our customers’ complete satisfaction.