Expand Your Outdoor Living Space with Louvered Shutters

When joined with an exterior habitat screen, you will have no troubles whatsoever keeping pests at bay either. There are obviously many factors that must be taken into account when creating any outdoor living area, but custom blinds make your job a whole lot easier. The main feature that distinguishes these models from their interior brethren is the profile of the louvers. To ensure rain and excess sunlight don’t come into contact with you and your furniture, our exterior shutters are equipped with narrower slats that provide the user with more control. They can be opened fully when the weather is nice or closed entirely when needed. Our exterior shutters come in sliding, bi-fold and fixed panel types, each of which has distinct advantages. No matter what type you choose, all of them are outfitted with a locking louver blades; simply select the angle/position at which you want the shutters to be and lock them in place. This feature is particularly beneficial when the space is not being used. Since you will likely be stowing your outdoor valuables (kitchens, furniture, grills, etc.), having something in place to deter wildlife and burglars is very important. As such, exterior shutters give you more than just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship to adore – they also give you the peace of mind knowing your outdoor living space is safe and secure. Once installed, you will never have to worry about replacing your new exterior shutters. We guarantee that they will look just as wonderful 25 years from now. So contact us today about finding the perfect finishing touch for your pergola, sunroom, portico or veranda.