Factors to Consider for Your Next Decorating Project

Are custom shutters the right decorating choice for your next home project? Shutters are a stylish option that can make a statement in any room. They are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and outlast many other types of window treatments. Here are some practical factors to consider when looking at custom shutters for your home. 

Custom shutters are designed for each specific window. They can also be made in specialty shapes to fit arches, curves, angles, quarter circles, hexagons, octagons, and other oddly shaped windows. Shutters are even a great option for French doors, offering privacy and light control. Decorative frame options allow the shutters to be mounted inside or outside the window casing, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

Louver size is a matter of personal style. Popular sizes range from 2.5 to 4.5 inches. A tilt bar allows the shutters to be adjusted for optimal light control. A traditional tilt bar on the front of the shutter creates a classic look. For a clean and modern look, homeowners may choose a tilt system that is hidden on the back of the shutter. Bi-fold shutters offer even greater light control because they can be folded back.

Shutters offer energy efficiency in summer and winter. Louvers in the closed position block heat and sunlight during hot weather. Homeowners will save on their cooling bills when air conditioning units can work more efficiently. In colder weather, closed louvers keep the heat inside and the drafts out. On sunny winter days, opening the louvers on south facing windows will let the sun help warm up a room.

Consider the easy maintenance of shutters that are not manufactured with wood products. They resist water damage in kitchens and bathrooms, will not warp or chip, and won’t have to be repainted over the years. Their nonporous material makes them mold and mildew resistant. These shutters are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Custom shutters give a sophisticated and elegant look to any home. They remain one of the most popular decorating choices for today’s homeowners.