French Door Shutters

French doors are beautiful additions to any home. Whether you choose interior or exterior french doors, your decor will benefit greatly. They add a touch of simple elegance to any doorway in the home. The only issue with having french doors is the lack of privacy inherent with this style – as they are paned with glass instead of constructed with solid wood. If you’re looking for a way to keep the beauty without sacrificing privacy, consider adding shutters to your French Doors.

Types of French Door Shutters

Eclipse® Shutters offers two tilt options for French Door shutters: Tilt Bar and Clearview® hidden rear tilt operating systems. The Tilt Bar system allows you to fully open or close the louvers in a moment using the tilt bar located on the front center of each panel. These tilt bars allow the louvers to be closed tightly in both directions and eliminates the need for staples or gears. If you’d prefer a completely unobstructed view, then you should try the Clearview® system. This system works with no center tilt-bar so you can see your beautiful views or just watch the kids play in the back yard. The Clearview® system works much the same as the normal Tilt Bar, but the system is hidden on the back hinge side of the panel. These shutters have a very clean and contemporary look, which make them great additions to the contemporary home. Both the Tilt Bar and Clearview operating systems are offered in 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ louver sizes for French Doors.

Color Options for French Door Shutters

Our French Door shutters are available in three neutral colors to match any color scheme or home decor. You can choose to get your shutters in cotton, pearl or vanilla. Cotton is the lightest of the three colors, pearl is a beautiful off-white and vanilla has just a hint of taupe. No matter which color you choose, these shutters are going to make a beautiful and elegant addition to your home. Check out our design options to get an idea of which color will work best with your home design. Interested in using shutters on your french doors too? We’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Contact Eclipse Shutters today for more information.