Health Benefits of Shutters in Hospitals

Eclipse Shutters offers shutters that are specifically designed for healthcare facilities, including hospitals, doctors’ offices and assisted living facilities. Besides the comfortable, stylish ambiance they provide, they are specially designed with the needs of these businesses and those they serve in mind.

How Eclipse Shutters Help the Health of Your Patients

Our indoor shutters are microbial- and fungal-resistant. This is especially crucial in hospital settings. They can help prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria that may compromise the health and well-being of your patients. Hospital-acquired infections are an increasing source of concern in the medical community. Hospitals with a high rate of these infections can see their ratings impacted. Eclipse Shutters are GREENGUARD® Gold Certified and listed on the GREENGUARD website for microbial resistance. These product certifications help improve the overall air quality of the environment of the room. Further, our shutters can be kept clean without using strong cleaning agents that can irritate sensitive respiratory systems and add to patient discomfort. They can be kept looking like new by wiping down with a mild soap and water. They will last for many years without a lot of time-intensive maintenance. Eclipse faux wood shutters can also add style and comfort to medical facilities’ waiting areas, examination and treatment rooms while providing protection against the spread of bacteria and irritation of allergies. We know that hospitals are particularly difficult places for children to spend time. We also know that for young patients, boredom can lead to adventure. As a leading  shutter manufacturer, we do everything possible to ensure that our shutters do not present a safety issue for children.

Improving Patients’ and Families’ Opinions of Hospitals

Our hospital clients are all too aware that the government is increasingly tying hospitals’ Medicare funding to their patient satisfaction scores. Interestingly, it’s been found that patients and their families compare their hospital experience to that in hotels, stores, restaurants and other service-related businesses. That can be a tough standard to meet. However, it means that the aesthetics of the private rooms and the public areas cannot be overlooked. Those who have studied patient satisfaction surveys have found something called the “halo effect.” This means that patients are more likely to overlook minor issues if their overall feeling about the facility is good. Conversely, a hospital can do everything right, but if a patient’s overall experience wasn’t good, that will be reflected in the rating. Patients are more observant of their surroundings than many hospital administrators realize. That’s in large part because they often are unable to do much else but look around. The aesthetics of healthcare facilities can play a part in a patient’s well-being in addition to their feelings about the facility. Let Eclipse Shutters help you provide a pleasant and safe atmosphere for your patients and their loved ones. Contact us today to find the Eclipse Shutters dealer nearest you.