How To Clean and Maintain Your Shutters

When decorating your home, you cannot go wrong with a nice set of shutters. Window treatments are functional, stylish and can add a ton of curb appeal and equity to a house. With a wide array of types and options, you have the ability to create a unique design your house guests and next-door neighbors will be in awe of! Interior shutters are made to be low-maintenance, but they do require periodic upkeep. The cleaning process tends be relatively easy, especially when working with wide-louvered panels.

Interior Shutter Cleaning 101

The environment you live in will determine how frequently you need to clean your shutters. Dirt and dust accumulation are more prominent in homes situated in close proximity to heavy traffic areas and near gravel roads. This is the inevitable price to pay when living in urban and rural places, but in any event, your shutters do not deserve to suffer. As far as dusting is concerned, you will want to avoid using feather dusters and other related products. Rather than capture the particles, they spread the material around and ultimately make more of a mess (not to mention force this debris to go airborne). Instead, use either a magnetic dust grabbing cloth or a vacuum cleaner. When using the latter, make sure to attach a soft-bristled brush to the end of the hose. To be thorough and avoid missing any dust, tilt the louvers so that you can also clean the rear. Another important factor to take into consideration is the material type of your  shutters. The three main types are wood, composite and Polyresin. Extra care should be taken when cleaning hardwood with damp cloths as moisture damage can occur if left in contact for too long. Composite is a bit more forgiving, but stay on the safe side by not exposing it to water. Polyresin shutters can easily be cleaned with a small amount of soap and water and a damp cloth. They are the most low-maintenance shutters that are available today and will last a lifetime with minimal care.