Let the Sun In!

Life as we know it would not exist without the sun. Humans have devised many ways to counter the obstacles set in place by the natural world, but we can only go so long without sunlight. A daily dose of natural light is what keeps us happy and healthy. It affects everything from our mood and our circadian rhythms to our physical well-being. On top of that, using natural light helps reduce our energy use.
Your Home Deserves Sunlight Too many homeowners have become accustomed to relying on artificial light at times when it is not needed. In reality, the only time you should ever turn the lights on in your home is after the sun sets, though we know this is a rarity in modern households. There are numerous ways to bring more sunlight into your house, some which are actually fairly creative. One of the easiest ways to add more natural light is to install additional windows, particularly in the rooms that have the fewest number. Placement is more important than quantity, so take the time to assess which wall and window height is best. For upper-level corridors and certain ground floor rooms, a newly installed skylight can significantly increase the amount of natural light. The paint color you use also has a big effect on room lightening as does the presence of mirrors and other reflective products. The darker the shade, the greater the light absorption, this is why it is highly recommended to paint small rooms with neutral color palettes. Strategically placed mirrors will bounce the light from one wall to the next, casting it into the darkest recesses of your home. Another thing you will want to do is spend some time researching window coverings. shutters are an excellent choice for people looking to maximize the flow of natural light as their louvers can be opened fully. The angles provided by these window treatments afford the greatest amount of control with regards to light and privacy, making them a definite win-win. Custom fabricated for every window, they are also perfect coverings for bay windows and other unique, light-maximizing window styles. Your natural light-increasing efforts need not stop inside. Trim nearby tree branches and shrubs that may be impeding incoming sunlight. This will also reveal more of your house and boost its curb appeal. Check out the wide selection of interior shutters at Eclipse Shutters to get started!