New Year, New Shutters?

The new year always brings in new resolutions and aspirations. One of the most widely seen ambitions is to make improvements in your life, and with that, comes upgrades and updates to your home! 

Being happy in your home and being pleased with its look is always something to strive for. Maybe you want to increase your curb appeal and energy efficiency. You can do just that with brand new  shutters!

Enhancing Your Home with Eclipse Shutters

Eclipse shutters add a customized, timeless design to your home. These shutters are installed with a special interior mount that minimizes the light that enters into your home and best of all, it comes with a 25-year warranty. 

Designed with poly-resin material, which looks like wood, these shutters are easy to clean and ultra-durable. They also have a built in light resistant and will never fade.

Window shutters make your home look appealing and clean. Springing for attractive shutters can always be a great investment if you ever want to sell your home because it’s a major consideration for potential house buyers. 

Interior shutters come in all different materials, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, blends and more. Shutters can change the appearance and style of your home while tying in a central color theme for your home. 

shutters are great to keep out the elements of all seasons. High winds can leave your windows exposed to flying debris, particularly in the case of tornadoes. Heavy rains and snowfall can also knock down trees and large limbs. During the winter, you can reduce heat loss by nearly 50 percent with shutters. They also are economical for summer months because they help reduce the amount of heat and sunlight that floods your home and lower your energy bill since your air conditioner won’t be running in overdrive.