Shutters for Different Design Styles

Shutters are the perfect complement to traditional and contemporary design styles. They add a stylish touch to any home and are a versatile window treatment choice for today’s homeowners. Eclipse Shutters last years longer than some other types of window coverings, meaning they will still be a design asset even if the homeowner’s decorating tastes change.

Eclipse Shutters offers three louver sizes to suit all design styles. The 2½ inch louvers are commonly used in homes with traditional décor. This size is appropriate for small and medium windows and offers a greater degree of privacy than the wider louvers. The 3½ inch and 4½ inch louvers offer a more contemporary look for homes with large windows or high ceilings. When the louvers are open, lots of natural light comes in and outside views are enhanced.

Eclipse Shutters offers two operating systems: Clearview® hidden rear tilt and the traditional Tilt Bar. Both achieve universal closure of the louvers. The Clearview hidden rear tilt bar is mounted on the back of the shutter allows the louvers to fully open all at once, but does not obstruct the view. The traditional Tilt Bar operating system has a center tilt bar that opens or closes the shutters all at once. Bi-fold shutters, and by-pass shutters can also be used on closet and patio doors. Eclipse shutters are made to order, so they are an excellent choice for the custom bay windows or bow windows often found in traditional style homes. Custom shutters in eleven shapes are available for use on arched, semi-circle, quarter circle, curved, and other specialty windows.

Shutters can be mounted inside or outside the window frame, depending on style preference. Six decorative frame options are available for Eclipse Shutters ranging from minimal to decorative. There are also options for the french doors in your home as well.

Eclipse Shutters are made in three neutral colors: vanilla, pearl, and cotton. These colors will work with any interior paint or upholstery colors. The UltraSatin™ finish gives the appearance of real wood without the maintenance. These custom shutters will never warp, fade, or yellow and will never need to be refinished.

The 25-year warranty on Eclipse Shutters makes them a wise investment for homeowners. The long life expectancy of shutters compared to blinds or draperies makes them a cost effective decorating choice.