Shutters Make the Perfect Alternative to French Doors

What could make your lanai or a breezeway more elegant? Shutters are a sophisticated yet functional choice. Do you have a balcony or patio off the master bedroom? Shutters can add to the romantic, classic feeling of the room while still providing privacy. Installing quality custom-made shutters in a doorway creates a very appealing aesthetic that works well with any design theme, helps to reduce energy costs and maintains your privacy. The tilt bar that controls the louvers can be adjusted to allow light through while not allowing anyone to see into your home. The shutters can also protect your furnishings and carpeting from sun damage as well as reduce your energy costs. To custom-make shutters for a doorway, it is best to have one of our professionals from Eclipse Shutters measure the opening to ensure a perfect fit. Once the measurements are provided to the manufacturer, the fabrication process begins.  Our shutters are built using quality materials and the latest technologies available. State-of-the-art equipment will be used to cut and form the shutters to be assembled and then brought to your home for the final step: the installation. By having our professionals handle the measurements and the installation, you will be able to be protected by our 25-year warranty. Besides all the practical benefits that shutters can provide, there is no denying that they are an attractive and eye-catching choice. Shutters are becoming more popular in higher-end homes as an alternative to french doors because of the finished look they provide. They are available in several different colors that can fit with the color schemes of your home. They can viewed as an enhancement to your overall decorating plan while remaining practical. shutters are a wonderful doorway solution that can bring years of pleasure as well as increase the value of your home. Contact us today about designing and installing custom indoor shutters on your windows.