Specialty Shapes

Eclipse Shutters add a touch of sophistication to standard windows, but what can you do for windows with arches, rakes and angles? Our specialty shapes collection is perfect for these types of windows.

Available in eleven shapes that fit a variety of arch styles: 
Half Circle, Eyebrow, Quarter Circle, Tunnel, Elliptical, Symmetrical Angle Top, Angle Top, Hexagon, Full Rake, Half Rake, and Octagon.

Eclipse Specialty Shaped Shutters make it possible to enjoy the simplicity of shutters on non-traditionally shaped windows.

  • Available in 2 1/2” or 3 1/2” louvers
  • Available in Tilt Bar or the hidden Rear Tilt system
  • Available in Z, Bullnose Z, Trim, Deluxe Trim, L, and Casing frame styles

Please check out our gallery to see stunning room photography that features specialty shapes.

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