Your Options for Decorating an Arched Window

Is there any more striking an architectural feature than an arched window? Arched windows – regular windows featuring a curved or “arched” window at the top – are a common design element in many American homes. They let in a lot of light and accent nearly any style décor, from traditional to contemporary.

But what kind of window treatments make sense for an arched window? If you need more privacy or simply want to block out more light from your arched window, consider these options.


Yes, you can put shutters on an arched window! In fact, Eclipse Shutters offers nearly a dozen shapes and styles to choose from so any arch, from a quarter-circle to tunnel shape, can be covered exactly how you like it. shutters for arched windows make perfect sense because they can be opened to allow in additional light or closed for less light and extra privacy. -traditionally shaped windows are no longer an impediment to beautiful custom shutters.


Curtains are often what people choose to use on arched windows, but they don’t come without drawbacks. By hanging a curtain rod above an arched window, you’re inevitably minimizing some of the detail that makes that window so special. And arched windows tend to be very tall, so it can be tough to find aesthetically-pleasing curtains to suit such a space. Curtains also must be opened or closed; you can’t let in just a little light from arched windows when you cover them with curtains.

“Fan” Blinds

It’s possible to have a blinds manufacturer create a set of “fan blinds” to fit an oddly-sized window. Most of these blinds are custom orders, so they can become expensive quickly. They also won’t function like regular blinds and are usually affixed to the window without the ability to open.

Have you been considering shutters but are concerned about your arched window? Don’t be! Eclipse Shutters has a solution that fits your space and your budget.

Reach out to your local Eclipse Shutters dealer today to find out more.