7 Reasons to Love Shutters

Shutters are outstanding in more ways than one. Between their sleek, beautiful look, cost-saving energy benefits, and the added home value, it’s easy to see why shutters are worth the investment. Read on to learn why we love shutters, and why you should too.

7 Reasons to Love Eclipse Shutters

  1. Shutters are perfect when you need a lot of light, or when you want to darken a room. The louvers on our shutters allow a lot of light to shine through when they’re open and privacy when they’re closed. Choose the 4 1/2″ louver for the largest view to the outside.
  2. The cleaning process is more streamlined than other window treatments: simply wipe them down with a dusting cloth and you’re done. If you see any dirt and grime, you can also wipe them down with a wet cloth and water, since they are water resistant.
  3. There aren’t any cords or strings to worry about. The tilt bar or rear tilt will never get tangled and become a hazard like a pull cord can.
  4. Shutters can help you save money on your energy bills. This window treatment helps trap the heat inside when it’s cold and keeps the cold on the inside when it’s warm, effectively working with your HVAC system to control the temperature in your home.
    • Eclipse Shutters are designed with pockets of air built straight into both the frame and the louver, allowing them to reduce solar heat gain during hotter months and keep colder air outside during winter months. They also protect against harmful UV rays, reflecting them outside instead of absorbing them into the interior of your home.
  5. Shutters give any room that extra dose of style. They can transform an otherwise bland room into a great-looking space. They provide more than just a window dressing; they are decor for your windows!
  6. Upgrading to high-quality shutters will increase the value of your home. When potential buyers see them, they’ll know right away that you’ve invested in your home.
  7. Eclipse shutters do not warp, bend, peel or crack because they’re built with the best materials for shutter design, and are made with ultra-precise machinery. And, with our new UltraSatin™ finish, they will never need to be repainted or refinished.

Investing in high-quality shutters shouldn’t just be considered purely for the aesthetic appeal – they should be considered because they’ll benefit you in more ways than one. If you’re ready to upgrade your window treatments to shutters, contact us today to find the Eclipse dealer that’s closest to you.